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Zoom Lenses are suited for cinema, live TV recording.

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Apr 14, 2014 - Optimo Style Series includes 2 hand-held and one full-size zoom lenses covering 16–250 mm focal length range that can be lengthened via 2x extender. Weighing 4.2 lb each, 16–40 mm and 30–76 mm zoom lenses are available with optional Angénieux lens servo motorization system. All-purpose zoom lens, 25–250 mm, weighs 16 lb and features 25 mm wide angle position and 10x zoom range to meet various production needs. Compatible with digital cameras, series comes with interchangeable mount.

Thales Angénieux - Saint-Héand, FRA

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Thales Angénieux to Debut New Optimo Style Lens Series at NAB

Press release date: Apr 04, 2014

Charting New Course for 4K and Beyond Live TV and Mid-Budget Cinema Productions

Las Vegas, NV – Inspired by the escalating demands for cinematic quality content to meet the rise of multimedia viewing and the trend of Ultra definition television, Thales Angénieux is introducing their new Optimo Style Series of zoom lenses. The family features three zooms – two hand-held and one full size -- and provides focal length from 16mm-250mm with ability to lengthen the range with a 2x extender. The two lightweight zooms are also available with the optional Angénieux lens servo motorization system.

“A wider spectrum of production content is migrating to a cinematic look with 4K quality and that trend requires equipment which is adaptable to a large variety of cameras, configurations and budgets,” said Pierre Andurand, President and CEO, Thales Angénieux. “The all-new Optimo Style Series addresses those needs and provides a benchmark for quality and price/performance. It takes into consideration the industry’s most stringent requirements for ergonomics and versatility for live TV recording. Angénieux is going to exceptional lengths to ensure the first deliveries of this new lens line will be made in Summer 2014.”

The 16-40mm and 30-76mm zoom lenses are extremely light weight at only 4.2 pounds each, allowing perfect camera balance for on the shoulder or hand- held configurations.  The 25-250mm lens, weighing 16 pounds, is an all-purpose zoom featuring the desirable 25mm wide angle position and a 10x zoom range to meet a variety of production needs. This lens was previously introduced at IBC 2013 as the Optimo DP.

The Optimo Style series is fully compatible with the latest generation of digital cameras and provides the unique cinematic look of the Optimo line at an affordable price. The lenses additionally feature an easily interchangeable mount (PL, Canon EF, Panavision) for full compatibility with a wide variety of cameras.

The Angénieux Servo Unit (ASU) provides control of zoom, focus and iris and is compatible with broadcast remote handles, cinema remote controls and wireless remotes such as Preston or others upon request. It generates lens metadata based on the Cooke/i technology protocol. To help ensure flawless performance, the ASU and lenses are matched and calibrated at the factory. The ASU will additionally be available as an option for all the Optimo Lightweight Cine Zooms including the Optimo Style 16-40 and 30-76 and the Optimo 15-40, 28-76mm and 45-120mm lenses.