Zerofootprint and Cybernomics Launch One Minute ECOnomics Carbon Calculator Zerofootprint and Cybernomics Launch One Minute ECOnomics Carbon Calculator

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Zerofootprint and Cybernomics Launch One Minute ECOnomics Carbon Calculator

Calculator gives personalized metrics to businesses looking to employ a sustainability strategy within their IT department based on carbon measurement

TORONTO, March 25 -- Zerofootprint and Cybernomics are proud to announce the launch of their One Minute ECOnomics Carbon Calculator, found on both and Designed to measure IT infrastructure energy usage, the carbon calculator showcases technologies such as virtualization. Calculations are based on real-time IT statistics captured by Cybernomics' Analytics platform and presented as a benchmark for comparison of an individual company's performance. The calculator's carbon engine is powered by Zerofootprint and is focused on helping businesses measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

The ECOnomics calculator lays out exactly where a company is using the most energy and illustrates how measures such as server virtualization, thin client strategies, and using LCD/LED monitors can translate into immense carbon savings. Cutting down on energy, hardware and overall management costs through a Sustainable IT strategy is also a concrete way of better controlling overall IT expenditure, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

Zerofootprint and Cybernomics are both members of the Think Green Alliance, which is a business community whose members show a commitment not only to environmental sustainability, but to the intrinsic link between environmental and financial sustainability. Through the Think Green Alliance, Zerofootprint and Cybernomics have also developed a mutually beneficial working relationship: Cybernomics has recently completed a Sustainability Audit of Zerofootprint's IT including all servers, computers and networks. In turn, Zerofootprint is currently undergoing a complete Carbon Audit of Cybernomics' business operations, offices and datacentre.

Zerofootprint and Cybernomics encourage you to visit and calculate your business' IT infrastructure carbon footprint.

For more information please contact:
Rhea Johnson
+1 416.915.4048 ext. 103

Kelly McGregor
+1 416.365.7557 ext. 156

Cybernomics is committed to building a more economically and environmentally sustainable world one valued customer at a time. For more information, please visit

Zerofootprint empowers communities, businesses and organizations to live ingeniously in a low carbon world. For more information, please visit

CONTACT: Rhea Johnson of Cybernomics, +1-416-915-4048 ext. 103,, or Kelly McGregor of Zerofootprint, +1-416-365-7557 ext. 156,

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