Zero Gravity Filter Systems Non-Disposable Filtration and Separation Solutions

Zero Gravity Filters (ZGF), Inc. continues to grow and work with top names in the manufacturing industry. Zero Gravity is introducing a NEW expanded product line and improved pricing this year (see below). More than ever before, we can save customers money, downtime and improve profits. Return on Investment (ROI) criteria is our ally. Our mission is to provide a quality solution to:

o Eliminating/extracting solids from your liquids using our automatic, non-
disposable Filtration and/or magnetic Separation technologies. Alone or together our ZG Filter (patented) and "Maggie" will provide the most advanced solutions to your problems and save you $$. Top industry leaders use ZGF solutions...don't be left behind.

o Metal working industry needs, applications include removing aluminum,
plastic, and cast iron fines from machine coolants and protecting pressure
pumps, tools, nozzles, and wash baths. All this with automatic, non
disposable, 24/7, maintenance free operations.

o Total filter/separation systems are available to accommodate large central
coolant systems and small to large parts washers. Many other applications also are available to your company like cooling tower filtration, water reclamation, etc. Take back ideas from ZGF to help your company innovate, save money and increase profits.

o SEPARATION: The Zero Gravity "Maggie" is an automatic, high intensity, in-line, self-cleaning magnetic separator. The Maggie uses an innovative and patented process that shuttles the magnet outside the system flow at the time of backwash, providing quick removal of all debris. See this remarkable product and the "Dry Mag" at our booth.
o Uses rare Earth magnets, combined with a unique flow path, which can remove particles
down to one (1) a by product, it entraps some non-ferrous material.
o Designed for cast iron grinding and honing operations; weld balls in pretreatment
stages; engines/parts washing; machining. Reduces media loss and filter costs.
o "Dry Mag" provides efficient dry cake of solids without use of media.
o Saves money....develop an ROI analysis with us to prove this investment opportunity.

o FILTRATION: Zero Gravity offers modular designed solutions that work independently or as part of a larger system to improve results. The ZGF has the most advanced, automatic, non-disposable liquid filtration system. The innovative and genius Zero Gravity Filter Element is the work horse. It is a patented process which allows the unique spiral coil filter to open evenly from top to bottom.... Allowing for:
o 100% cleaning along the whole surface with each and every automatic
backwash...always efficient, always working.
o Specifications: Absolute micron sizes between 12-400, no limit to flow rates,
stainless steel, modular design, and much more.

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