Zen Medical to Attend Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare Conference

MIAMI - Zen Medical, LLC., a division of Sanomedics, Inc. (OTC: SIMH) announced today that it will be exhibiting at booth # 8 at Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare in Nashville, Tennessee, June 22-23 at the Hilton Downtown Nashville.

Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare is a new conference at the intersection of the treatment industry, the medical field and business management. With an emphasis on physical and mental health, Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare provides training on effective methods for treating substance abuse, best practices for treating mental health conditions, approaches for timely interventions, insights into revenue management and more. Attendees will come away with a greater knowledge of how to treat addiction and mental health conditions and how to run a thriving behavioral healthcare business.

Zen Medical will showcase ZenCharts™, its best-of-breed Electronic Health Records (EHR) that offer quick access to patient records from multiple locations, improving the ability to diagnose diseases and reduce medical errors. The EHR system not only improves patient care but also increases practice efficiencies such as enabling electronic prescriptions, increased accuracy in coding and billing and facilitating more reliable charting, all of which results in cost and time savings.

"The addiction treatment center market is heavily underserved market and with over 15,000 centers in the United States alone that can benefit from our solution, we look forward to showcasing ZenCharts™ to behavioral healthcare professionals at the conference," said Keith Houlihan, President of Sanomedics.

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