Zebra Skimmers, B Series Belt Skimmers Line, Offers Optional Outboard Motor Shaft for Improved Motor and Belt Life

Cleveland, OH-Zebra Skimmers Corporation, a full line manufacturer of oil skimmers and fluid maintenance equipment, introduces a new option for B Series Belt Skimmer line.

"This new option was designed for customers who utilize our B Series belt skimmers in heated fluid environments, or where this fluid contains harsh chemicals, as both can cause premature motor wear. The outboard motor shaft not only improves motor life but also improves the life of a stainless steel belt, as it may also prematurely wear when the inboard motor shaft bearing would otherwise be compromised," explains Meg Grant, Sales & Service Manager of Zebra Skimmers Corporation.

Benefits of the Outboard Motor Shaft include:

o Preserves inboard motor shaft bearing and gearbox by reducing load, increasing motor life

o Provides dual support of upper pulley, increasing life of stainless steel belts

Zebra Skimmers, the leader in fluid maintenance for over a decade, invents new technology to save its customers money on fluid while reducing waste, and sells and supports its equipment worldwide. Most products are guaranteed for at least a year, and some for life.

For more information, contact

Zebra Skimmers Corporation,

Phone: 888-249-4855;

Email: Meg@ZebraSkimmers.com;

or request online: www.ZebraSkimmers.com


Meg Grant

Sales & Service Manager

Zebra Skimmers Corporation


Email: Meg@ZebraSkimmers.com

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