Z 413/... Non-Corroding Ejectors

With its new non-corroding ejector Z413/..., HASCO has reduced the need for maintenance. When some aggressive plastics are processed, gas is released, which has a strong corrosive effect. Although the mould inserts are generally made of corrosion-resistant chrome steel, the ejector pins are usually made of hot-work steel, which is not corrosion-resistant.

The application of a coating may delay the oxidation process, but it cannot stop it.

For this reason, HASCO has now added a non-corroding stainless steel ejector to its product portfolio. The high chrome content of 16 - 18 % prevents corrosion and makes the pin extremely hard-wearing. It offers high process reliability particularly in the medical and food industry, where traces of oxidation can cause impermissible contamination of the product.

The higher life expectancy of the pin makes costly post finishing work superfluous and significantly reduces downtimes and maintenance work. Consequently, the extra cost of the pin very quickly pays for itself through the improved profitability of the moulding tool.

The dimensions and tolerances of the Z413/... conform to DIN ISO 6751.

The ejectors are available ex stock in diameters of 2 - 10 mm.

Other products for ejection and many individual solutions connected with demoulding can be found in HASCO's extensive range at www.hasco.com.

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