XY Nanopositioning Stage suits nano/biotechnology research.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring 80 x 80 mm aperture, P-542 utilizes frictionless flexure guided design that provides travel range of 200 x 200 µm. Piezo-drives allow multi-axis motion with millisecond response times, and capacitive feedback is integrated for closed-loop operation with subnanometer precision and motion linearity with less than 0.03% error. Design promotes integration and is offered in aluminum-, Invar-, and vacuum-compatible versions in XY, Z, and XYZ combinations.

Original Press Release:

XY Nanopositioning Stages for Nanotechnology / Biotechnology-Research

The new P-542 XY nanopositioning stage from Nanopositioning Specialist PI was especially designed for biotechnology and nanotechnology applications.

Its frictionless flexure guided design provides a large travel range of 200 x 200 µm. High-performance piezo-drives allow fast multi-axis motion with response times in the millisecond range. Capacitive feedback is integrated for closed-loop operation with subnanometer precision, and excellent motion linearity with less than 0.03% errors.

Typical Applications: The stage is ideally suited for imaging, alignment and nanomanipulation such as required in Cell Tracking, DNA Analysis, Nanoassembly, and Nanomaterials Testing applications .

A very low profile and large aperture make for easy integration into high-resolution microscopes and other probing instruments.

Features & Advantages:
+ Lowest Profile, Closed-Loop, Z-Stage with Capacitive Feedback:
Combines High Precision and Easy Integrability
+ Large Aperture: 80 x 80 mm, Ideal for Integration into Instrumentation
+ Sub-Nanometer Resolution
+ 200 µm Travel Range
+ Capacitive Feedback Provides Excellent Linearity with <0.03% Errors
+ Millisecond Response for Fast Scanning
+ Award-Winning Piezo Drives for High Speed and Increased Lifetime
+ XY, Z and XYZ Combinations
+ Aluminum-, Invar- & Vacuum Compatible Versions

A large variety of analog and 32 bit digital controllers are offered for research and OEM customers .

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