Xgig 1000 24 Gbps SAS Analyzer features toggling software switches.

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Xgig 1000 24 Gbps SAS Analyzer comes with blade chassis which supports 24/12/6/3Gb SAS with dual mini-SAS HD receptacles. Unit offers bidirectional analysis of single and wide-port SAS links. Product enables user to capture and analyze live data traffic and comes with regression test libraries.

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Xgig 1000 24Gb SAS Analyzer From Viavi Solutions

Viavi Solutions, Inc. announced availability of the Xgig 1000 24 Gbps SAS analyzer, a solution available for validating and ensuring 24Gb SAS network performance in an integrated, stand-alone system.

This storage network testing solution helps equipment manufacturers improve R&D efforts, as well as supporting data center deployment and troubleshooting in the field.

The Xgig 1000 24Gb analyzer enables simultaneous analysis and error injection for SAS protocol traffic at all layers of the stack, delivering one of monitoring and analysis systems available for SAS applications. The system not only captures and analyzes live data traffic to verify performance, it also provides traffic jammer capabilities to simulate errors in real time for testing the responsiveness of error recovery processes.

The latest SAS 4.0 protocol standard introduces significant technological changes in response to demands for increased storage capacities and faster data speeds, supporting a number of important optimizations for SSDs. This new industry standard doubles the effective bandwidth previously possible, from 12 to 24 Gb/s. Network equipment manufacturers need optimized testing capabilities to ensure their next-generation 24Gb/s storage systems do not become a bottleneck.

"The ability to test network storage equipment and identify how and when a system fails is key to developing the most robust, high-performance solutions possible for data-intensive applications, ranging from unified communications and large internet content providers to gaming platforms," said Tom Fawcett, VP and GM, lab and production business unit, Viavi. "We have refined the Xgig 1000 24Gb Analyzer to address the specific characteristics of the SAS 4.0 protocol at high speeds so that every data bit is passed through exactly as it was received, and allowing users to see the same signal that the device under test sees."

Advanced automation

While other test and troubleshooting systems can involve complicated, repetitive processes, the Xgig 1000 24Gb/s analyzer offers users the option to define automation scripts, from simple commands to complex regression test libraries. Analyzer and jammer functions can be managed easily by toggling software switches in the Maestro user interface.

The Xgig 1000 24Gb SAS analyzer blade chassis supports 24/12/6/3Gb SAS with dual mini-SAS HD receptacles, allowing bidirectional analysis of single and wide-port SAS links.

A design with front-to-back airflow allows for standing the chassis on end, minimizing the overall footprint in desktop testing.

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