XCPT(TM) Patient Engagement and Communication Software for Dentists to be Used by University of Lowa College of Dentistry

VENICE, Fla., June 28 / - XCPT, LLC has signed an agreement with the University of Iowa to place XCPT's Patient Engagement and Communication Software solution at the school's College of Dentistry.

XCPT's software is a highly graphic, face-to-face, patient consultation and engagement method recognizing the importance of visual learning during treatment planning. With XCPT, the patient is involved in every step of the dental treatment process as the clinician uses the patient's own x-rays, CT scans and/or photographs to communicate treatment options and solutions. "XCPT's software helps patients decide what is best for them in a trusting, open environment," says Dr. Steven J. Feldman, CEO of XCPT. "With its use, we're seeing doctors gain productivity and increased case acceptance by simply showing the patient what they see."

The signing of the agreement reinforces XCPT's ongoing strategy to be the patient engagement and communication software of choice for the leading dental schools and dental practices throughout the country. The agreement with the University of Iowa marks the third university which has begun to incorporate XCPT as a clinical and educational tool in just the past nine months.

"The students and faculty at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry are looking forward to working with the XCPT software application, which we are sure will allow us to explain our cases more clearly to our patients. We highly anticipate our use of XCPT as a clinical and educational tool," said Clark M. Stanford, B.S., D.D.S., Ph. D., the Centennial Fund Professor of the Dows Institute for Dental Research.

"We're honored and pleased to have forged this arrangement with the University of Iowa College of Dentistry," said Dr. Steven J. Feldman, CEO of XCPT. "From the time of our first meeting with Dr. Stanford, we were excited about the prospects of becoming integrated into the curriculum and clinical work at Iowa. We see the natural fit between our software's communication capabilities and the school's clinical needs."

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About the University of Iowa College of Dentistry
For 125 years, the College of Dentistry has been an integral part of The University of Iowa and a resource to the state of Iowa. The great majority of Iowa dentists are alumni of the College of Dentistry. The strength of our relationships with the university, the state, the profession, and with academic colleagues, alumni, practitioners, and industry, has enabled us to become one of the top dental schools in the United States. Our connections involving graduate education and research extend well beyond national boundaries, and give the College of Dentistry a reputation that is recognized worldwide

XCPT(TM) Patient Engagement and Communication Software was developed to provide an innovative communication method for patients and their healthcare professionals. With its adoption, communication becomes clearer for dental teams in their relationships with patients, their team members, and their referral networks.

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