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Belden Announces Additions to the Brilliance Audio Snake Cable Line

ST. LOUIS, -- Belden Inc. a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, introduces its outdoor and direct burial analog audio, plenum jacketed and plenum Banana Peel snake cable lines. These newly designed Brilliance Audio Snake Cables feature an ultra-rugged construction and deliver superior flexibility over a broad range of indoor and outdoor conditions.

The Brilliance Audio Snake Cables are also well-suited for in-the-field and permanent installation to connect multiple channels in low-level (microphone) and high-level componentry such as console board equipment for recording, post production and sound system installations where ruggedness is essential.

Additions to this product line include three cable series - waterblocked, plenum, and Banana Peel constructions, each offering multiple benefits. Each cable series features a foil shield that is bonded to the jacket which is designed to maintain high performance while improving ease of termination.

The waterblocked product series consists of six (6) standard product codes with constructions ranging from 1 to 12 pairs. These products are suitable for direct burial and are outdoor-rated without the installation difficulties associated with gel installations.

In the plenum product series, Belden offers nine (9) product codes including the recent additions of 4, 6, 8 and 12-pair constructions with an overall jacket. Each pair is individually jacketed, eliminating the need for heat shrink. This simplifies field termination and reduces labor costs.

Belden also now offers 2, 4, and 6-pair audio snake cables in its patented Banana Peel construction. Banana Peel cables are easy-to-install composite cables. All component cables are bundled and affixed to a center spline, eliminating the need for an overall jacket. Installers can easily split the composite cable into individual cables by peeling them away from the center spline. Therefore the Banana Peel design requires less effort and less installation time than with traditional jacketed products. An additional benefit is that Banana Peel offers an overall smaller O.D., occupying less space in conduit, and a better bend radius.

For more information about the Belden Brilliance Snake Cables, visit our website at www.belden.com

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