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Maxell Launches Its Entire Silver Oxide Battery Portfolio

Maxell Introduces a Zero-Mercury, Zero-Lead Added Silver-Oxide Cells; Reducing Environmental Impact While Maintaining Current Product Sustainability

WOODLAND PARK, N.J., -- Maxell Corporation of America, the leading manufacturers of battery and data storage products, is pleased to announce the introduction of an environmentally advanced silver-oxide cell that successfully reduces the mercury and lead in the cathode material to zero, while maintaining a battery life comparable to conventional silver-oxide cells with the new zero-mercury, zero-lead added type.

Starting July 1, 2011, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont will prohibit the shipment of standard silver-oxide batteries. Silver-oxide cells are the primary long-life cells used in wristwatches, and use silver-oxide for the cathode electrode, zinc for the anode electrode and an alkaline solution for the electrolyte. In conventional silver-oxide cells, small amounts of mercury and lead are used as an anti-corrosive. An anti-corrosive improves long-term reliability, while reducing the gas generation that follows the corrosion of the zinc in the anode and as a result of the local cell between the zinc and the surface area of the collector which contacts the zinc. Maxell has been able to achieve zero-mercury, zero-lead using an original new cathode anti-corrosion technology, along with a corrosion-resistant zinc alloy.

Maxell's new mercury free batteries draw on an ongoing commitment to developing and commercializing environmentally friendly products. Looking forward, Maxell will continue to pursue high -quality and environmentally conscious products and focus on developing technologies designed to reduce the environmental impact of its own products, and products used daily by consumers around the world.

About Maxell

Maxell Corporation of America, a technology and marketing leader for over 40 years, is a full line supplier of OEM and consumer battery products as well as digital media products for consumer, professional and data storage markets. The company manufactures and markets a wide range of consumer and industrial battery products, as well as a full line of electronics care, maintenance, and accessory products including headphones, flash media and sound bars. www.maxell.com

CONTACT: Cathy Ruffin, cruffin@maxell.com

Web Site: www.maxell.com

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