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New Easy-to-Use ASTM Test Method for Measuring Soot Levels in Diesel Engine Lubricating Oils

Wilks Enterprise is pleased to announce that the InfraCal Soot Meter now gives users an approved ASTM testing method for measuring the percent level of soot in diesel engine lubricating oil. In late June, ASTM issued Method D7686-2011 entitled "Test Method for Field-Based Condition Monitoring of Soot in In-Service Lubricants Using a Fixed-Filter Infrared (IR) instrument."

With the InfraCal Soot Meter, rapid, on-site measurement of soot concentration levels in diesel engine oils at levels as high as 12 - 15% takes less than 30 seconds. This compact, factory-calibrated pushbutton analyzer provides direct readout of the percent of soot in diesel engine lubricating oils without sample preparation, dilution, or solvents and messy transmission cells to clean.

Since the InfraCal Soot Meter was specifically designed for easy, on-site field testing, it represents a major time savings from thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and FT-IR methods that are impractical as field analysis methods. The Soot Meter is also significantly lower in cost and one step, pushbutton operation makes it easy to use with minimal operator training.

A rugged, no-moving parts design ensures years of virtually maintenance-free operation with the InfraCal Soot Meter. Weighing less than 5 lbs., it operates off 12 volt d.c. power for on-site field measurements. It is ideal for use at oil/engine testing laboratories, lubricant and additive manufacturers, and power generation stations, or for truck, bus, and off-highway equipment fleets. The InfraCal Soot Meter is Ideal for use on all types of diesel lubricating oils and engines and gives users an ASTM approved test method.

For further information on the InfraCal Soot Meter, please contact: Wilks Enterprise, Inc., 25 Van Zant Street, Ste. 8F, E. Norwalk, CT 06855; Tel: 203-855-9136; FAX: 203-838-9868; or visit our web site - wilksir.com; or http://wilksir.com/soot-analyzer.

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Headquartered in E. Norwalk, Connecticut, Wilks Enterprise specializes in easy-to-use, portable mid-infrared analyzers for specific measurement applications. All Wilks analyzers have been specifically designed for on-site use by non-technical personnel and are used for a wide variety of applications in the biofuels, environmental, petrochemical, quality control, and manufacturing industries. These portable analyzers enable analytical measurements to be made in the field, helping to eliminate the wait for off-site lab results.

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