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Hydraulic Institute and Pump Systems Matter Urge Pump Users: "Optimize Now for Pump Systems Energy-Savings and Cost Efficiency"

Offer "Critical Knowledge" Educational Downloads - FREE OF CHARGE!

Parsippany, NJ - In an effort to encourage pump users to optimize their pumping systems and realize significant energy efficiency and ensuing economic benefits, Hydraulic Institute and Pump Systems Matter have made available informative, state-of-the-art learning materials on optimizing pumping systems. Considered to be essential educational information on optimization, the content is presented as four separate-topic Web downloads. Each download is offered free of charge to all interested pump users; they include:

The Pump System Improvement Modeling Tool(TM) (PSIM), a valuable software download, is focused on helping pump users better understand the hydraulic behavior of pumping systems so that they may evaluate the design of their overall pump system. Using state-of-the-art solution algorithms and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, PSIM makes it easy for users to calculate the pressure drop and flow distribution in both straight-path and simple branching or looped pumping systems. PSIM calculates pump energy usage and energy cost over time using Net Present Value concepts, and also creates Pump vs. System curves, a powerful tool to help engineers better understand the intricacies of pump system behavior.

Life Cycle Cost Guide, a 16 page Executive Summary of the detailed and more complete guidebook, Pump Life Cycle Costs: A Guide to LCC Analysis for Pumping Systems, a collaborative effort between the Hydraulic Institute (HI), Europump, and the US Department of Energy (DOE). The Executive Summary provides useful highlights on topics detailed in the Guide: improving pump system performance; definition of life cycle cost; explanation of why organizations should care about life cycle cost; life cycle cost analysis; pumping system design, and more.

Another free download that specifically focuses on energy savings is a 15 page Executive Summary of the popular guidebook, Variable Speed Pumping: A Guide to Successful Applications, a collaboration between the Hydraulic Institute (HI), Europump and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The Executive Summary highlights topics detailed in the formal Guide including: Introduction to Variable Speed Pumping; Pumping Systems Overview; Selection Process - New Systems; Selection Process - Retrofitting to Existing Equipment; Benefits of VSDs; Potential Drawbacks of VSDs; Estimating Pumping Energy Costs; Capital Cost Savings; Financial Justification, and more.

Lastly, an Executive Summary of the most comprehensive book to date on optimizing pumping systems, Optimizing Pumping Systems, A Guide for Improved Energy Efficiency, Reliability & Profitability, is also included in the free offering. The original Guide, considered to be a "must read" for engineers and technicians working with pumping systems, was complied by Hydraulic Institute, Pumps Systems Matter, and twenty-two industry experts. The available download will highlight topics included in the "master" reference, including how optimizing both existing and new pumping systems and purchasing based on life system costs will lead to increased profitability through a reduction in unnecessary, expensive consumption and maintenance costs.

Interested pump users may immediately access the complimentary downloads by visiting www.PumpSystemsMatter.org and clicking on the Education/Tools menu.

About the Hydraulic Institute: The Mission of the Hydraulic Institute is to serve the pump industry as a forum for the exchange of information while providing value-added services to member companies and pump users worldwide. This includes the development and delivery of comprehensive industry standards. For more information on the Hydraulic Institute, its members companies and its Standards Partners, visit www.Pumps.org and www.PumpLearning.org.

Pump Systems Matter (PSM) is an educational initiative created by the Hydraulic Institute to assist North American pump users gain a more competitive business advantage through strategic, broad-based energy management and pump systems performance optimization. PSM's Mission is to provide the marketplace with tools and collaborative opportunities to integrate pump systems performance optimization and efficient energy management practices into normal business operations. For more information visit: www.PumpSystemsMatter.org.

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