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A New Age in Algae Energy: Renewed World Energies Unveiled New Technology

GEORGETOWN, SC (October 22, 2009) - The future of algae energy has come, today. Renewed World Energies, a pioneer in algae-for-biofuel technology, unveiled an operational prototype of its photo-bioreactor at the Algae Biomass Summit in San Diego, CA. The energy company has achieved the technology breakthrough that will forever transform the dream of algae energy into a reality; making algae green the new black gold.

Renewed World Energies has cracked the algae energy code; a feat that competitors have projected is five to ten years away. The Large Scale Photo-Bioreactor System is the first commercially viable, fully automated, closed system microalgae production technology in the world today. The groundbreaking process developed by co-founders Richard Armstrong and Tim Tompkins, grows algae under operator selected conditions and uses existing technology to harvest and extract algae oil from microalgae. It is amazingly affordable, proven reliable and totally scalable; breaking all the barriers that have held back the growth of algae energy.

"Although algae photo-bioreactor systems are becoming more prevalent, many do not address the specific challenges found in algae," said Renewed World Energies co-founder and president, Richard Armstrong. "We created a platform based on enhancing the properties of algae in order to convert it into usable forms of biomass. The system is capable of responding to all strains of algae, which was a key aspect in our technological development strategy."

To date, algae have been primarily cultivated for the neutraceutical market and more recently as a source of biofuel. The company utilizes automated harvesting and conventional drying systems, along with a catalyzed biomass refinery technology that will generate organic fertilizer and Algae Green fuel, which can be used to produce electricity, as well as power engines.

Renewed World Energies' immediate focus is producing energy and cleaner alternatives for the power generation industry. The Large Scale Photo-Bioreactor will also serve as a pollution control system, using algae to clean up industrial plant emissions. The system captures nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2) generated by flue gas (compressed CO2 can also be used) from the power generation industry or any CO2 emitting factories. The photo-bioreactor utilizes the captured gases as nutrients to feed the algae, converting greenhouse gases into growing cleaner, greener energy products. It can be connected to any boiler or gas turbine, reducing pollution while simultaneously producing biofuels. These biofuels can be used in plant vehicles, to co-fire existing units, or produce additional power. The result is affordable to create, profitable to sell and an infinitely renewable resource. In using this system Renewed World Energies achieves two highly sought after energy goals at once.

While competitors have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development, Renewed World Energies has been able to research, develop and construct an algae photo-bioreactor for nearly $5 million dollars. Its technology breakthrough is the dawn of a new era of clean, renewable energy to power a greener world and a more economical future. Renewed World Energies' operational prototype Photo-Bioreactor System will be on display for consumer and industry "trial" throughout the summit.

Because of Renewed World Energies, algae is no longer just a smart source for clean fuel; it is now smart business. Headquartered in Georgetown, South Carolina, Renewed World Energies has the world's first commercially-viable system to grow algae, producing a high quality biomass for further processing. The company offers solutions to generate affordable and clean biofuel, for power generation, and off-set carbon emissions. For more information, visit www.RWEnergies.com.

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