X-Rite Pantone to Show New Color Management Technologies for Plastics Manufacturers at the NPE2012 International Plastics Showcase in Orlando

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - X-Rite Incorporated (NASDAQ: XRIT) and Pantone LLC will present new color management and communication tools at the NPE2012 International Plastics Showcase in Orlando, Fla. that plastics manufacturers can use to accurately communicate color data between plants worldwide, reduce rework and scrap, and improve quality.

X-Rite representatives manning booth 26027 in the Orange County Convention Center South Hall from April 2 to 5 will demonstrate technologies that plastics manufacturers serving the automotive, durable and small appliance, office furniture, home improvement and other industries can use to precisely control the color of their products.

Some highlights will be introduction of a new light booth that simplifies illumination of test parts so they can be assessed against various quality standards, a demonstration of the company's Automated Closed Loop Color Control (ACLCC) system that automatically adjusts variables to maintain tight tolerances on plastic extrusion processes, and new color inspiration and matching tools from Pantone, a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite. Pre-show information may be obtained by visiting www.xrite.com or writing Sales Manager-Industrial Products Donna Annacone at dannacone@xrite.com.

Starting at the moment of inspiration and creation, Pantone will show how the new polypropylene PANTONE STANDARD CHIPS enable precise color communication and control of color in plastics manufacturing. The chips represent a swatch book of how FASHION + HOME and PANTONE PLUS colors appear when rendered in plastic, along with corresponding pigment formulation and spectral data. Spectral data from the Pantone color libraries can be downloaded into X-Rite instruments and software to build marketplace presence with consistent matching colors. Designers, manufacturers and specifiers can use the chips as a way to coordinate the colors of plastic products with different materials used in making finished goods.

The new SpectraLight QC booth makes it easy for customers to assess whether their products are meeting their customer's exacting specifications for color and appearance under daylight, incandescent, fluorescent and other illumination conditions. The SpectraLight QC offers the most accurate simulation of daylight for any standard-sized viewing booth, along with its SmartLogic technology and other innovative features that increase productivity and accelerate throughput for faster and more accurate color approvals.

The ACLCC system is a proven method for accurately controlling the color of extruded plastic products such as vinyl siding, sheets and other shapes though the use of X-Rite's VeriColor spectrophotometer and a volumetric feeder of colorants that is controlled with proprietary software. Operators using the ACLCC system spend significantly less time making manual adjustments to plastic extruders to control the color of products during production runs and at changeovers. Manufacturers that implemented ACLCC systems report fewer instances of out-of-specification products and tighter controls on identifying production lots that may contain out-of-tolerance products.

In addition to the new light booth and ACLCC system, X-Rite will be showing a full suite of solutions for plastics manufacturers to measure and communicate the color of their products. The X-Rite Ci(TM) 52 spectrophotometer can provide accurate and repeatable data on samples that vary widely in type of size, contour, texture and opacity, and all measurements taken with the Ci52 mesh seamlessly with historical data taken by other X-Rite instruments such as the SP60, 62 and 64 portable spherical spectrophotometers. Its VeriColor® Spectro instrument for non-contact color measurement in demanding industrial environments is particularly suited to be installed on production lines to provide immediate feedback on processes.

X-Rite is helping customers to streamline their workflows with the next generation of its popular NetProfiler software that can verify, optimize, and certify handheld and benchtop spectrophotometers used at locations worldwide on a regular basis. With the new NetProfiler 3.0, companies can calibrate spectrophotometers in design departments, on factory floors and in test labs to a single virtual standard, ensuring that color measurements taken at distant locations are accurate and reliable throughout the supply chain.

The company will have a "virtual" tradeshow of its booth at NPE2012 as a convenient way for companies to access all the information presented at the show, allowing visitors or those who couldn't attend the show to access product applications and specifications at anytime and anywhere. The virtual tradeshow can be accessed by visiting www.xrite.com/events/2012npe.

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