X-Ray Screening System aids anti-terrorism efforts.

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Linked to any X-ray machine used to screen for prohibited items, SecureTech™ instantly transmits suspect images and real-time video to remote operations centers for analysis. Technicians view video stream live while speaking with onsite individual as to level of threat parcel posses. Final evaluation process manipulates image to determine if item is considered Threat/No Threat. Technology also allows for Internet-based training by providing immediate access to experienced bomb technicians.

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New World Anti-Terrorism Technology. SecureTech(TM), a Practical Solution to a Growing Security Concern

"As criminal and terrorist threats become more diverse and dangerous, the role of technology becomes increasingly important to our efforts," Robert S. Mueller, III, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

NEW YORK,  -- Technology today allows for high-speed video and encrypted software to instantly transmit suspect images and real-time video from x-ray machines anywhere in the world to remote operations centers for analysis.

If you have an x-ray machine, you have an onsite x-ray operator.  If this onsite screener comes across a suspicious package, what do you do?  Do you call the Police / Bomb Squad?  Close down an airport terminal or business?  Open the package and inspect it?  All these actions if not handled and/or identified correctly can have safety and financial implications. SecureTech(TM) allows for the most accurate threat or non-threat x-ray image determination available. 

SecureTech(TM) is a way to enhance x-ray screening operations across the globe.  It allows commercial entities access to the best, simple, cost effective, x-ray screening expertise remotely 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This new technology also allows for Internet based training anywhere in the world by providing immediate access to experienced bomb technicians. 

SecureTech® is a system that can be linked to any x-ray machine being used to screen for prohibited items. If an x-ray machine operator sees something suspicious or unusual during the examination process, the operator can request a subject matter expert to assist them in real time.  Real-time video is then transmitted from the x-ray machine to a SecureTech(TM) technician.  Technicians view the video stream live while speaking with the onsite individual as to the level of threat the parcel posses.   The software enhancing abilities far exceed anything currently available on the market today. The final evaluation process manipulates the image to determine if the suspect item is a "Threat / No Threat" in a matter of seconds.

SecureTech® provides an educational experience for x-ray screeners. Logging into online education you may be at a distance, but you are never alone. By combining technology and a professional support system it brings the classroom environment to you. An established partnership with Tripwire Operations Group allows for in-house improvised explosive device designs built by industry experts as well as access to an extensive video library maintained on the Schoox educational platform (TripwireU.com).

"X-ray machines may look very sophisticated but they are essentially just imaging producers not IED or weapon detectors.  The effectiveness of the x-ray screening depends on the expertise available to make accurate determinations of images produced. SecureTech® personnel allow our clients' access to certified bomb technicians in real time".

Mike Stapleton Security Professional

SecureTech® takes advantage of an industry leading fully-featured image processing engine to provide Explosive Ordnance Disposal staff with the most desired and useful image enhancing functions.  SecureTech technicians can remotely control the client's computer to capture images, enhance and share potentially critical information. 

"The enhanced features of the SecureTech® software far exceeds the capabilities of any x-ray machine on the market today. Our staff of professionals has the ability to interpret x-ray images much more effectively and accurately because of our software enhanced imaging functionality."

Ryan Morris principal of SecureTech® past Bomb Squad Commander

Additional Benefits:

SecureTech® can simply be added to large, dual-view x-ray systems for pallets and cargo or portable mail and small parcel screening devices, and everything in-between.

All communications, video and audio are available for immediate review by law enforcement or the appropriate decision makers for civil or criminal action.  Rich interactive reports are created by SecureTech staff, and stored in the desktop-based report design software. With the help of Citrix, clients can examine and probe data, export reports to Excel and PDF for further analysis, and even present them as PowerPoint documents. 

SecureTech® inexpensive price point allows for high-volume facilities, sports/entertainment venues, transportation hubs, mailrooms, messenger centers and small independent corporations to take advantage real time personal interaction with subject matter experts to avoid unnecessary disruptions. 

Contact Director of SecureTech(TM) Matt Rushwald @ 1-866-513-3133

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