Wrinkle Removing Rubber-Covered Rolls

Cost-effective, rubber-covered rollers from Webex spread webs and remove wrinkles.

(Neenah, Wis.) - Grooved rubber-covered spreader rollers from Webex are a cost-effective solution to persistent web wrinkling when optimizing machine alignment and roll geometry aren't enough. Rollers precision machined with grooves in herringbone, lateral fluted, spiral/worm or circumferential patterns stretch and spread web material to lay flat and wrinkle-free. Spreader rollers are available in a variety of rubber coverings to meet specific applications such as solvent resistance, heat resistance and hardness. All rubber-covered spreader rollers are readily available in standard sizes. Custom sizes, grooving and coverings can be specified. Other wrinkle removal rollers available from Webex include bowed rollers, expanding surface rollers, grooved metal rollers and reverse taper rollers. Webex remains the only ISOcertified roll producer in North America since 1994. Webex: (920) 729-6666 www.webexinc.com

Webex, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of precision rolls and custom machinery for the web handling and converting industries. Custom precision rolls include process rolls of all kinds - heat transfer rolls, vacuum rolls, air turn rolls and standard idlers. Webex custom machinery capabilities include engineering, assembly and testing. For more information, call (920) 729-6666 or visit www.webexinc.com.

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