Wrap insulates vessels and pipes.

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CrimpWrap(TM) Crimped Pipe and Tank Wrap helps control heat loss or gain, and provides hot-surface personnel protection during system operation. Featuring service temperatures from 35 to 850° F, it is made from continuous fiber glass blanket, eliminating strip delamination potentiality. Wrap is available as foil-faced or with white-faced kraft vapor retarder facing in 1 to 4-in. thicknesses.

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CertainTeed CrimpWrap(TM) Pipe And Tank Wrap Provides Flexibility, Lower Cost

VALLEY FORGE, PA, NOVEMBER 2001 - CertainTeed CrimpWrap(TM)
Crimped Pipe and Tank Wrap is designed to insulate vessels and large-diameter pipes with service temperatures from 35° F. to 850° F. (1.7°C. to 454° C.) The product employs proven European crimp technology that provides the thermal and compressible properties found in rigid fiber glass board products, while
remaining flexible enough to wrap pipes and vessels spanning a wide range of sizes.

Designed for use in commercial and industrial construction projects, the wrap can be used as a cost-effective substitute for pre-formed pipe insulation on larger pipes and for more costly traditional tank wrap. It helps control heat loss or gain and provides hot-surface personnel protection during system operation.

CrimpWrap Crimped Pipe and Tank Wrap is made from a continuous fiber glass blanket, which eliminates the potential for strip delamination common in traditional tank wrap during fabrication and installation. The unique flexible insulation is composed of variably oriented glass fibers firmly bonded together with a thermosetting resin, that creates a three-dimensional effect. It enables the product to be used in applications where flexibility is essential.

It also enables installers and distributors to stock one product rather than preformed pipe insulation in many pipe sizes and wall thicknesses.

The products are available either foil-faced or with a white-faced kraft vapor retarder facing, and in 1-in. to 4-in. thicknesses. They meet the physical property requirements of ASTM for fire resistance, physical/chemical properties, and thermal performance.

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