WRAL Launches the World's First Comprehensive Traffic and Weather Solution Using RouteCast®

New Technology from Weather Central and MyWeather Sets New Standard for Delivering Traffic Information

MADISON, Wis., Nov. 21 -- Weather Central, Inc. and MyWeather LLC, announce the launch of RouteCast at WRAL-TV in Raleigh, NC. RouteCast is the world's first comprehensive integrated traffic and weather solution for local media. Featuring local traffic brand and talent and the best locally available data, RouteCast drives viewers to a station's on-air, online and mobile content and advertisers. Weather Central, Inc. and MyWeather LLC, industry leaders in the display of on-air, online weather information have partnered with leading traffic data companies to offer in each market.

RouteCast is a traffic and weather data platform that seamlessly powers a complete set of products: on-air, online, mobile, desktop, print, and digital channels. A media client can purchase a single solution that reaches their audience everywhere. Furthermore, RouteCast is a white label solution, which protects the client's local traffic franchise from predatory national competitors.

"We were initially attracted to RouteCast because of the market leadership of the companies involved. A compelling local traffic brand starts with the best locally available data and talent," said Chuck de Court, WRAL Station Manager. "When you push that data through our Weather Central on-air display system allowing our on-air talent to interact with it, and offer the MyWeather online and mobile applications for cross-platform distribution, you have established yourself as the "traffic leader" in your market." WRAL-TV and its interactive team are helping pioneer the online product, a crucial component of the full RouteCast solution. The beta product can be viewed at www.wral.com/traffic .

For WRAL's custom solution, RouteCast combines Metro Network's traffic incident and traffic reporting database with additional traffic data from TrafficCast, Inc. of Madison, Wisconsin, a pioneer in the development of traffic speed and flow data and traffic prediction, and SpeedInfo, a leading developer of traffic flow sensors. This previously announced partnership with TrafficCast also provides historical traffic analysis and additional supplemental incident data. RouteCast features patent-pending technology from MyWeather which combines current and future traffic with live weather and future weather forecasts, displayed together on the same map. RouteCast is designed to provide travelers and commuters with accurate, advanced information, and when combined with TrafficCast predictive data, it will also provide future traffic forecasts.

Weather Central's 3D:Traffic(TM) on-air display system features the exclusive live display and interactive talent tools that have established Weather Central as the leader in the display of weather information. MyWeather is known for its localized, personalized online applications deployed by over 150 U.S. local media affiliates. "Our ratings-driven on-air, online, and mobile applications are the choice of industry giants for major projects like NBC WeatherPlus and the Fox MyDigital initiative," said Chris Kelly, Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for MyWeather. "Our new partnerships with leading traffic companies will translate our intense focus on local branding, client services, and local sponsorship success to the display of traffic information. We look forward to introducing our 450 local affiliate partners to this new line of products and services."

RouteCast is now available in most of the top 60 markets and new technologies will allow coverage of all U.S. DMAs by mid 2007. Interested media companies should contact Vince Perez at 608-441-0400. Current Weather Central and MyWeather clients can contact their account representatives for more information at 608-274-5789. Please visit www.routecast.com/ for more information.

About Weather Central Inc.

Weather Central Inc., founded in 1974 by broadcasters and meteorologists and based in Madison, Wisconsin, is the leader in providing professional on- air, online, and print weather systems and forecasting utilizing dynamic weather graphics, precise forecast models and data, and patented technology. More than 500 customers worldwide enjoy the benefits of Weather Central's attention to detail and insight about serving their total weather graphics needs. Products and services available from Weather Central, and its affiliated companies -- MyWeather and WCInteractive -- are: 3D:LIVE(TM), :LIVE(TM), and NBC Weather Plus weather presentation systems, ESP:LIVE(TM) storm tracking system, A.D.O.N.I.S. FutureCast® and A.D.O.N.I.S. MicroCast® proprietary forecast models, MetroVision(TM) forecast visualization tool, WxWarn2(TM) severe weather crawl system, Personal MicroCast® and Live Online(TM) individualized, online weather information and forecast products, RouteCast® weather and traffic together product, ScreenWRITER® and SportsWRITER® interactive news and sports presentation systems, and WxPoint(TM) automated localized weather display system.

Source: MyWeather LLC

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MyWeather LLC

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