Workflow Management Software manages employees/projects/CRM.

Press Release Summary:

Along with ability to store corporate information, LeaderTask Company Management v6.6 features include customizable tree-like or calendar task view, with filtering by 5 parameters, and ability to delegate tasks to employees as well as report on work being done. Software runs under Windows with server and client on same computer. It also runs without connection to server/Internet, but can be accessed via Internet so manager can communicate with employees remotely.

Original Press Release:

Workflow Management Is Vital for Business

Almeza Company has announced LeaderTask Company Management 6.6, - is an easy-to-use yet reliable system for managing employees, projects, customer relationship and also for storing the entire corporate information. LeaderTask is an indispensable tool for a manager to manage business process.

Competitive advantages of LeaderTask Company Management 1. No hidden cost. There is no need to purchase additional software or hardware for the program to run. The program runs under Windows operating systems. All components necessary for the program are included in the distribution package.

2. No professional maintenance. It is easy to install, configure, update and use. It does not require any special skills, any knowledge of programming languages, etc. It is enough to know just as much as an average PC user does.

3. LeaderTask is a Windows application, not a web solution. That is why it is possible to work with the program without a connection to the server and without Internet access.

4. Availability from any place with Internet access. The manager can control employees remotely from anywhere. And the director will stay in touch even in case of being away for quite a while.

5. It does not require a powerful dedicated server. For the LeaderTask server to run, a regular office computer will be enough. Besides, the server and the client can be installed on one and the same computer.

6. Free implementation of suggestions made by users. New versions of the program are always implemented with requests from our users taken into account. Our users have a unique possibility to suggest new features on the forum. The developers are constantly monitoring these suggestions and implement the best of them.

7. Dynamic development. The program has been dynamically developing since 2005. New versions are released not less than three times a month.

8. Lots of features:

- Customizable task view: tree-like or calendar task view, filtering by 5 parameters, custom priorities, statuses, reminders, search, sorting...

- Task distribution: delegate tasks to employees, control how the work is being done, receive reports about what has been done, limit access

Pricing and Availability

LeaderTask Company Management requires MS Windows 2000 or higher and costs $69 for a workstation license. Further information on the product, as well as its free evaluation copy is available from

Please, let us know if you have questions or would like any additional information on LeaderTask Company Management. Contact Ivan Abramovsky at to get more information.

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