Work Station with a Built-In Exhaust

Fullerton, CA - The DownDraft™ Work Station from Terra Universal keeps workers safe and comfortable when working with chemical fumes or powders. A fan/filter unit sits under the work surface to draw air exhaust down, away from the work surface. The activated charcoal filter is effective at removing 98% of most organic vapors and the HEPA filter captures particles 0.3 um or larger (with 99.99% efficiency).

Perforated stainless steel platforms are built into the center of the laminate work surface to vent air down through the filters. These platforms may be sized and located to customer specifications. The laminate work surface is cleanroom grade and sealed on all sides, preventing particle release into controlled environments. Tables are available in six standard sizes and may be equipped with an overhead shelf to store supplies and works-in-progress. LED light strips may also be installed to illuminate the work area. Frames are made of powder-coated steel, and nylon leveling feet help to stabilize the table on uneven surfaces.

Terra Universal has 40 years of experience manufacturing modular cleanrooms with compatible equipment. Visit Terra Universal's website for more information about their DownDraft Work Station.


Mike Buckwalter

Terra Universal: Marketing

Phone (714) 578-6000

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