Work Envelope Management System provides added stability.

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Automatically keeping platform movement within safe operating work envelope, 2+(TM) system monitors individually variable outrigger settings and platform load up to 1,000 lb. Display panel shows maximum possible outreach in all directions for given platform load, graphically and numerically. Duplicate display panels, describing activity, are mounted on platform and at ground control. Machine can be automatically leveled in less than 30 sec.

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Bronto Introduces Revolutionary Work Envelope Management System

Truck mounted aerial work platforms from Bronto Skylift are now available with the new Bronto 2+(TM) work envelope management system that automatically optimizes the work envelope for added operating efficiency and safety. It monitors the outrigger settings and platform load, which can be up to 1,000 lbs., and automatically keeps platform movement within a safe operating work envelope.

Once the hydraulically powered outriggers are set and the platform load entered, the Bronto Plus 2+ system takes over. Or, the system can be pre-set to allow operation within specified load and reach limits. The system's display panel shows the maximum possible outreach in all directions for a given platform load both graphically and numerically. Duplicate display panels describing the activity are mounted on the platform and at the ground control.

The position of the outriggers, axle lock status (on/off) and ground pressure of each outrigger are also shown. When the base unit is positioned correctly, the display shows the "ready to lift up symbol" and the platform is ready for operation.

Outrigger positions are individually variable; and the machine can be automatically leveled in less than 30 seconds. If a control senses zero ground pressure on an outrigger, there is a signal alarm, visual display and a yellow signal lamp to warn the operator.

Along with monitoring working parameters, the Bronto Plus 2+ work envelope management system incorporates an operator help function in eight languages that can be used to check all vital machine functions. It also maintains a five-year register of working time and engine load.

The Bronto Telecontrol system is a unique option for the Bronto 2+ system that adds to the operator help function. It utilizes a GSM mobile phone network that monitors boom operations and functions. Diagnostic information can be "read" from a remote location and trouble shooting information transmitted back to the control panel. Other options include a laser-guided range finder that helps position the platform during set up and a wind speed meter integrated in the standard display panel.

For further information about Bronto Skylift aerial work platforms and the new Bronto 2+ work envelope management system, contact:

Steve Starling
National Sales Manager
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