Word-Wide Success for Swedish Garage Workshop System

06 February 2008

A Swedish system for automatic liquid measuring and liquid handling for industry and vehicle workshops is meeting with world-wide success. The System, called OriLink, has been developed by Alentec & Orion. The basis of its success is that the system is simple to link up to most existing order and invoicing systems.

The latest addition to the OriLink interface linked order and invoicing system is Volvo Truck GDS Fusion, a system used world-wide. OriLink, an automatic system for filling and controlling different liquids, results in tangible gains and quality improvements.

o There is total control over exactly what is being filled up and how much, and this
eliminates all unnecessary spillage, explains Lennart Bergh, export manager at Alentec and Orion. In most vehicle workshops, spillage amounts to around 15 percent, and this means that an investment in OriLink pays back quickly. Additionally, the control provided by OriLink provides important quality insurance with full traceability.

OriLink is made up of a central unit, a measuring device and terminals connected to the dispense point. The system can handle all existing liquids used within vehicle engineering and manufacturing industries. Oil, coolant, windscreen wash fluid and diesel are some examples.

o The system can handle many different qualities and types, continues Lennart Bergh. It is easy for the operator to program the equipment directly at the dispense point after which the system looks after itself automatically, ensuring that the correct filling quantities are used. Consumption is registered in real time and transferred to the administrative system used by the company.

OriLink has met with success all around the world. In South Africa, Garage Equipment Service company has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

o South Africa is developing quickly and large investments are constantly being made in construction and infrastructure. These activities mean that heavy transport is now much in demand, says Sean Deeley of Garage Equipment Service. The Alentec & Orion system has been favourably received here and our OriLink sales have developed well. Moreover we have a major mining industry generating a demand for frequent maintenance of large vehicles, making the future of this market look brighter still.

In Switzerland Orilink is sold through retailers Safia Garage- und Industriebedarf, who have supplied this system with the world's first interface link-up to Volvo's GDS Fusion.

o Volvo is one of our major, valued customers, but there are many industrial companies using OriLink, says Louis Huwyler at Safia, including several clock makers. In Switzerland the skiing industry uses many large ski lift plants, for which we supply maintenance systems.

OriLink offers ready-made interface link-ups to more than 100 different administration, order and invoicing systems. The system is sold only by authorised retailers, who also provide training, service and support.

OriLink is a system for automatic handling and filling of different liquids, such as oil, coolant and windscreen wash fluid. The system can be linked up to more than 100 different administration, order and invoicing systems, including Volvo GDS Fusion now being introduced at Volvo Truck.

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Facts about Alentec & Orion AB:

Alentec & Orion AB develop and market equipment for handling liquids and other media in garage workshops and the manufacturing industries. The products are marketed and sold in approx. 50 countries.

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