Woodworking Saw allows 30 in. of ripping capacity.

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Contractor's Saw® line of 10 in. table saws are equipped with miter gage, straight grind table surface, and choice of 3 fence systems for cutting accuracy. All saws operate with a 2-capacitor 1½ hp, 120/240 V motor and have a see-thru blade guard with splitter and anti-kickback fingers. Miter gage features 9 positive stops, including standard 45° and 90° stops, and fence systems all have front locking mechanisms, 2 models also include extension wings.

Original Press Release:

Delta® Extends Contractor's Saw® Line with New 10-Inch Models

JACKSON, Tenn. (April 13, 2004) - The recognized leader in the woodworking industry, DELTA® has expanded its 10-inch CONTRACTOR'S SAW® line, 36-675, 36-680, 36-681 and 36-682, for the high-end beginner and intermediate woodworker. The table saws are equipped with a deluxe miter gage, straight grind table surface and the choice of three fence systems to provide improved cutting accuracy. The deluxe miter gage featured on the 10-inch CONTRACTOR'S SAW® line has nine positive stops including the standard 45 degree and 90 degree stops. The positive stops enable woodworkers to produce more accurate cuts. In addition, the table surface has a new flat grind, which produces a smoother, flatter work area that is more visually appealing. To provide further accuracy, there are three fence systems available that all have front locking mechanisms and are functionally the same with slight variations. The versatile UNIFENCE® is surface adjustable, which allows for fine-tuning without having to remove the fence from the saw. The fence can be used in a high or low position and is capable of being positioned forward and backward to add extra support in front of the blade or to be used as a cut-off fence. The T-Square design of the BIESEMEYER® fence is made of welded steel and the fence faces are made of laminated plywood, hand-sanded to within .006 inch. The fence itself is accurate to within 1/64 inch using the scale system. Similar to the BIESEMEYER®, the DELTA® T2 also includes a one-piece solid front rail and a T-Square fence design. The steel construction is lighter than the BIESEMEYER® and the aluminum fence faces are removable. The fences are adjustable for various widths of cutting depending on the system installed and each CONTRACTOR'S SAW® allows up to 30 inches of accurate ripping capacity with the fence. The 36-675 and 36-680 come with 30-inch DELTA® T2 fence systems, the 36-675 has two steel extension wings and the 26-680 has two cast iron extension wings. The 36-681 comes with the UNIFENCE® system and the 36-682 is equipped with the BIESEMEYER® fence system. The 36-681 and 36-682 both have one cast iron extension wing on the left side and a laminated table board extension on the right. All saws operate with a two capacitor 1 ½ HP, 120/240 volt motor and have a see-thru blade guard with splitter and anti-kickback fingers, 10-inch saw blade and table insert. The 36-675, 36-680, 36-681 and 36-682 will be available in mid-May 2004 ranging from approximately $499 to $799. DELTA MACHINERY Headquartered in Jackson, Tenn., Delta Machinery, a subsidiary of Pentair Inc. (NYSE: PNR), is the leading manufacturer of the world's most complete line of woodworking machinery, stationary equipment, and related accessories for use in home workshops, building and construction trades, industry and schools. With its manufacturing operation centralized in Tupelo, Miss., Delta Machinery owns and operates a subsidiary, BIESEMEYER®, located in Mesa, Ariz.

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