Wood Screws are made for ACQ, CBA-A and CA-B treated lumber.

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Designed for use with P13 autofeed screwdriver system, Copperhead wood screws are available in 2, 2½, and 3 in. sizes, in sharp point and type 17 styles, and in collated strips of 50 screws. They feature anti-corrosion coating that withstands 1,500 hr of salt spray testing to enhance long-term performance.

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Pam Fastening Introduces New Copperhead Wood Screws

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina-- PAM Fastening Technology has introduced the Copperhead Line of wood screws. These screws are recommended for ACQ, CBA-A and CA-B treated lumber.

The Copperhead wood screws are designed for use with PAM's P13 autofeed screwdriver system and available in collated strips of 50 screws. The screws use an anti-corrosion coating that withstands 1500 hours of salt spray testing to enhance long-term performance.

The Copperhead screws are available in 2, 2 1/2 and 3 inch sizes (Sharp point and Type 17). These screws are part of PAM Fastening Technology's family of specialty screws that include a wide variety of collated screws for use in their autofeed screw system.

Exposed wood is subject to repeated wetting and drying cycles that cause wood to swell and shrink, resulting in splitting, cracking and warping. The main active ingredient in ACQ lumber is Copper, which has long been established as the most cost-effective preservative component used in timber preservation. Copperhead coated screws are tolerant to these new treatments and offer excellent holding power versus other types of fasteners including nails and staples.

About PAM Fastening

PAM Fastening is a leader in autofeed screw system technologies with corporate and research offices located in Charlotte, NC and Bremen, Germany. The company has a broad line of autofeed screw systems and accessories. PAM also manufactures hot melt products for industrial applications, as well as frame assembly and miter saws for the furniture and picture framing industry. For more information contact PAM Fastening at 2120 Gateway Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28208, telephone: 704-394-3141, fax: 704-394-9339, email: sales @ pamfast.com. The company's corporate website address is www.pamfast.com.

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