Wiring Diagram Software operates without AutoCAD.

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Stand Alone Edition of VIA Wiring Diagram v16.0 electrical design and drafting software has AutoCAD functionality built-in. Program is no longer required to run as AutoCAD add-on. Other enhancements include 200 new features. Users can publish drawings as web pages or XML files to collaborate with remote employees, vendors, and customers. On-line drawings can be fully panned and zoomed in web browser, and can be dragged-and-dropped from Internet into AutoCAD.

Original Press Release:

VIA Wiring Diagram Goes AutoCAD-Free

MARION, IN, February 15, 2002 - VIA Development Corporation now offers a Stand Alone Edition of its new VIA Wiring Diagram 16.0 electrical design and drafting software package. Until now, all of VIA's electrical design software packages have been AutoCAD(R) add-ons. VIA Wiring Diagram Stand Alone Edition offers over 200 new features and enhancements over their last release-and it has AutoCAD functionality built-in.

"A lot of electrical controls designers don't have access to AutoCAD," said Sherri Bartrom, Vice President of VIA Development. "Often they use CAD programs more suited to mechanical engineers. The company budget doesn't allow for two CAD programs, so the EE's have to make do. Now they can save money, buy one software package, and get the most powerful software tool ever created for their needs."

VIA Development has been an authorized Third Party Software Developer for Autodesk(R) since 1986. VIA arranged a licensing agreement with Autodesk to allow it to put AutoCAD code directly into its new Stand Alone Edition. But even though the new program stands alone, it interacts well, creating and editing in formats such as .dwg and .dxf for compatibility with all popular CAD programs.

"This Stand Alone Edition is virtually identical to our powerful new VIA Wiring Diagram 16.0," said Scott Reese, Vice President of Operations. "Our users are really excited about its new 'post-to-web' features. They can publish their drawings as web pages or XML files to collaborate with remote employees, vendors and customers. The on-line drawings can be fully panned and zoomed in a web browser-and can even be dragged-and-dropped from the Internet into AutoCAD to become instant, live AutoCAD drawings. This really speeds up design review.

"Engineers can also use the new package to design pneumatic air piping control diagrams," Reese continued. "We've added over 200 new features and enhancements, including a graphical user interface that makes creating new I/O modules much easier." VIA Wiring Diagram Stand Alone Edition brings automation to the drawing of control schematic wiring diagrams. Users can insert vertical or horizontal ladders in any combination of locations, widths and rung spacings. They can then drag-and-drop components from easy-to-use icon menus. VIA Wiring Diagram also supports point-to-point wiring schematics.

The package includes a wide variety of drafting and editing tools. It generates bills of material, wire lists, and a variety of other reports. VIA offers a free 30-day trial.

VIA Development Corporation is the leading US developer of automated engineering tools for the electrical controls designer. For information, call Scott Reese at 1-888-CALL-VIA, email info@viadevelopment.com, or log on to www.viadevelopment.com.

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