Wires and Cables are rated for use in industrial machinery.

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MTW-Rated Wires and Cables use PVC insulation of sufficient thickness to comply with machine-tool wire (MTW) requirements of NFPA 79 and UL 1063 for durability and ruggedness. This flame-retardant insulation is also resistant to oil, moisture, and coolant. Rated at 600 V, products have max operating temperature of 90°C for dry applications and 60°C for cables exposed to oil, moisture, or coolants. Construction options include all-PVC or PVC jacket with PVC/nylon insulation.

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Alpha Wire Announces MTW-Rated Wire and Cable

New MTW-Rated Wires and Cables Meet UL and NFPA 79 for Use in Industrial Machinery.

Elizabeth, NJ, February 17, 2009 -- Alpha Wire has introduced a series of wire and cable complying with the machine-tool wire (MTW) requirements of National Fire Protection Agency Standard 79 (NFPA 79) and UL 1063. Alpha Wire MTW products use a PVC insulation of sufficient thickness to meet NFPA/UL requirements for durability and ruggedness.

Type MTW wires and cables are rated at 600 volts and use a flame-retardant insulation that is also resistant to oil, moisture, and coolants. Maximum operating temperatures are 90°C in dry applications and 60°C for cables exposed to oil, moisture, or coolants. Alpha Wire offers both all-PVC constructions and PVC jacket with PVC/nylon insulation.

"MTW-classified wire and cable are seeing increasing demand as builders and users of industrial machinery strive to meet the latest requirements of NFPA 79," said Mike Dugar, Senior Product Manager at Alpha Wire. "Alpha Wire's MTW products meet the varied needs of industrial applications from hook-up wire and motor connections to our Xtra-Guard Flex performance cables for single- and multi-axis motion control."

The most popular MTW-rated wires and cables from Alpha Wire include the following:
o Xtra-Guard® HP (Xtra-Guard 1) MTW-rated cable: Xtra-Guard HP cables are ideal for carrying critical signals in a factory environment. With premium jacket and insulation materials, they are designed for easier routing and stripping. Shielding choices include unshielded, shielded with foil/polyester for moderate EMI needs, and shielded with our exclusive Supra-Shield® foil/braid combination for exceptional EMI protection. Available in 22 to 14 AWG (0.35 to 2.08 mm2) and conductor counts from 2 to 25.
o Xtra-Guard Flex motor supply cable: The symmetrical design of Alpha Wire motor supply cable means a smaller diameter and easier routing of connectors to servomotors, AC drives, and variable-frequency drives. Four conductors, in gauges from 16 to 6 AWG (1.32 to 13.49 mm2) are shielded by a combination of foil and braid for exceptional EMI protection. Conductors are finely stranded bare copper for flexibility.
o Series M flexible control cable: For stationary/cable tray and for light to moderate flexing applications, Series M cables now include MTW listing and offer excellent resistance to oil, chemicals, and sunlight. Cables come in 18 to 8 AWG (0.96 to 8.52 mm2) with up to 65 conductors. Cables are available with black, blue, or red cable insulation to match use in AC or DC circuits.
o MTW-rated hook-up wire: Get more choice with Alpha Wire MTW-rated hook-up wire: gauges from 22 to 10 AWG (0.35 to 5.32 mm2) in an array of insulation colors. Our hook-up wire offers uniform wire-handling characteristics for strippability, precise dimensions, stranding uniformity, and permanency of colors and markings.

For additional information, contact Alpha Wire at 800-52-ALPHA (522-5742) or visit the Company's Web site at www.alphawire.com.

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