Wireless Transmitter System obtains remote temperature readings.

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Combining THZ Smart HART Temperature Transmitter and BULLET WirelessHART Adapter, self-powered THZ WirelessHART Temperature solution can obtain accurate temperature readings in remote locations while accessing Smart HART® data. WL housing includes battery case utilizing D-type lithium batteries, which last up to 4 or 5 years. Along with 20-bit input resolution, features include up to 5 years of service between scheduled calibrations and support for programming via DTM with FDT-compliant host.

Original Press Release:

Simplify Wireless Smart HART® Temperature Readings with the Moore Industries THZ WirelessHART® Solution

NORTH HILLS, CA—Moore Industries-International, Inc. has a new way to get accurate temperature readings in remote locations while accessing valuable Smart HART® data. The THZ WirelessHART Temperature solution combines our THZ Smart HART Temperature Transmitter and the BULLET WirelessHART Adapter by MACTek into one reliable and affordable self-powered package.

The new WL housing includes a battery case utilizing off-the-shelf D-type lithium batteries wired to the transmitter and the BULLET. This means that the package can be installed without the need for potentially expensive signal wiring or additional power. This saves on long-term maintenance and repair costs associated with wiring along with eliminating the need to stock or purchase special batteries. It also reduces replacement battery costs by cycling the THZ’s power and taking periodic readings to optimize the balance between power needs and wireless communication update rates. This and other features allow the lithium batteries to last up to four to five years.

The THZ WirelessHART assembly allows the THZ to transmit critical temperature and HART diagnostic information to a WirelessHART gateway in situations where power is not readily available. Examples of this include a remote pumping station or monitoring locations where access to power is limited. By utilizing the THZ WirelessHART solution, engineers can take full advantage of critical temperature readings and HART diagnostics without needing solar panels or other power sources.

Along with providing significant cost savings over similar packages offered by competitors, the THZ WirelessHART solution is also extremely dependable and easy to use. It features:

Industry-leading 20-bit input resolution and long-term stability specifications, with up to five years of service between scheduled calibrations.

The BULLET prevents the loss of critical temperature readings by monitoring the battery voltage and setting a HART alarm bit when it nears critical levels.

The ability to either be factory configured or field configured using standard HART handheld communicators or HART-capable host systems. The BULLET also supports programming via a DTM with an FDT-compliant host.

A weatherproof IP66 NEMA Type 4X dual compartment housing that is available for installation in rugged field areas.

Easy access to HART handheld connections and battery voltage monitoring terminals and a large, easy-to-read display.

The WL enclosure is a modified version of the DH housing and is available as an option when purchasing the THZ Smart HART Temperature Transmitter. For more information about the THZ WirelessHART Temperature solution or other temperature and Smart HART products, visit the Moore Industries website at www.miinet.com/thz-wirelesshart.

About Moore Industries-International, Inc.:

Based in North Hills, CA, Moore Industries is a leader in the process automation industry. The company develops and manufactures devices for communications between control centers and remote instruments for industries such as chemical and petrochemical; power generation and transmission; petroleum extraction, refining and transport; pulp and paper; food and beverage; mining and metal refining; pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; industrial machinery and equipment; water and wastewater; and environmental and pollution monitoring.

For more information on Moore Industries, visit www.miinet.com.

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