Wireless Humidity and Temperature Sensors store 10,000 log points.

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Ison(TM) sensors, part of FS800 family of sensors, store up to 10,000 log-points with simultaneous humidity and temperature measurements. Log-intervals and alert threshold values are configurable, while units are self-calibrating and maintenance-free. Logged sensor data can be uploaded to USB-, Wi-Fi-, or LAN-compliant reading devices at range of up to 300 ft in free air. Products can used to monitor building structures, machinery, and sensitive goods.

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Free2move Announces Wireless Sensor-Logger for Humidity & Temperature Monitoring

Addresses requirements for monitoring of buildings, machinery and sensitive goods

The Ison(TM) is a new member of Free2move's FS800 family of ultra-low power wireless sensor technologies with advanced sensor and logging capabilities. The sensor can store up to 10,000 log-points with simultaneous humidity and temperature measurements into its protected memory. Log-intervals are configurable and alert threshold values are configurable. It is self-calibrating and maintenance free. In its most advanced variant, it can provide battery life in excess of 30 years.

The small size of the Ison(TM) along with its wireless reporting of sensor data makes it possible to conceal it within building structures, from where it can report humidity and temperature variations. It may also be employed for the monitoring of warehouses, transportation environment, healthcare, sports facilities as well as industrial environments. Logged sensor data can be uploaded to USB, WiFi or LAN compliant reading devices at a range of up to 100 metres (300 feet) in free air.

The Ison(TM) supports both on-demand reporting and alert reporting. On-demand reports are mainly used for compliance verification and for statistical measurements. Alert reports are used for operational rectification and preventive maintenance; for instance to prevent dew-point issues in electrical installations.

"We are delighted that initial orders for the Ison(TM) have already been secured and the product has started shipping", says Martin Harnevie, Chief Executive of Free2move's RFID unit. "Strong interest has been received from the construction sector, marine technology sectors, agriculture, consumer goods manufacturing, and healthcare."

An evaluation and development kit for Ison(TM) is also available from Free2move.

About Free2move

There are two subsidiaries of Free2move Holding. Free2move AB is a global provider of wireless audio communication products and Free2move Asia is a global provider of wireless sensor and RFID technologies.

More information

For more information please see www.free2move.us. Or contact Martin Harnevie, +60 19 312 9026, martin@free2move.us or Per-Arne Wiberg, +46 702 20 33 82, per-arne.wiberg@free2move.se.

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