Wireless Ethernet Bridges operate in 5.8 GHz band.

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Models SEM5811 and SEM5811X interconnect Ethernet-based devices in factory floor/industrial applications. They operate in unlicensed 5.8 GHz band to avoid interference issues in 2.4 GHz or 900 MHz band. SEM5811 units offer over-the-air data rate of up to 1.23 Mbps. SEMs operate in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations and utilize frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology and 24-bit CRC and ARQ schemes.

Original Press Release:

Cirronet's Industrial-Strength Wireless Ethernet Moves to 5.8 GHz

Higher operating frequency avoids interference issues

CHICAGO - (October 21, 2002) - Cirronet(TM), Inc., a leading provider of wireless transceivers and broadband Internet access products, announced today an addition to its SEM product family of wireless Ethernet bridges used to interconnect Ethernet-based devices in demanding factory floor and industrial applications. The newest SEM components, SEM5811 and SEM5811X, operate in the unlicensed 5.8 GHz band, avoiding any interference issues in the 2.4 GHz or 900MHz band due to other license-free devices.

Designed to provide wireless connectivity between Ethernet devices, the SEM products are typically deployed for Ethernet bridging, SCADA networks, PCL networking, and similar industrial automation or data collection applications. For example, SEMs can function as high speed bridges between two Ethernet networks, and can also provide wireless connectivity between multiple Ethernet network segments. Highly complex networks can be achieved using repeaters to extend range and coverage.

"Organizations involved with factory floor automation, SCADA and telemetry applications demand industrial-strength wireless Ethernet," said Cirronet Vice President, Tim Cutler. "Unlike other products in the 5.8 GHz band, the SEM5811 product line delivers rugged, reliable wireless Ethernet that is extremely well-suited for harsh industrial environments."

Operating in the license-free 5.8 GHz band, the SEM5811 features an over-the-air data rate of up to 1.23 Mbps and operates over an industrial temperature range. SEMs operate in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations and combine Cirronet's patented frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology with 24-bit CRC and ARQ schemes for superior performance and error-free data reception. SEMs employ Cirronet's fourth generation proprietary frequency hopping technology. Major industrial powerhouses such as Group Schneider, Siemens, and GE depend on Cirronet products to enable their applications.

General availability is planned for the fourth quarter of 2002.

About Cirronet, Inc.
Atlanta-based Cirronet has well over a decade of success in developing innovative wireless data networking and communications products for industrial, OEM and Internet access markets. Employing proprietary frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) radio transmission technology, the company's products offer reliable, long range performance and unparalleled immunity against jamming and interference. Cirronet products are FCC and ETSI certified and operate in license-free ISM bands. For more information, visit www.cirronet.com.

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