Wireless Data Link System offers 100 m transmission range.

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BlueLynx(TM), with Bluetooth(TM) technology, consists of BLT-1 transmitter module and BLR-1 receiver module. Transmitter can connect to either one dynamic sensor, or up to 4 standard 4-20 mA sensors. BlueLynx is designed to be completely plug-and-play compatible with hard wire signal transmission backbone. Applications include cranes, turntables, conveyors, oil refineries, water treatment and distribution plants, HVAC, and process control equipment.

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Wilcoxon Introduces the BlueLynx(TM) Wireless Data Link System

Gaithersburg, MD -September 10, 2001 -Wilcoxon Research, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the BlueLynx wireless data link system featuring Bluetooth(TM) technology. The BlueLynx system consists of the BLT-1 Transmitter module and BLR-1 Receiver module specifically designed for industrial process control applications.

The BLT-1 wireless transmitter module can connect to either one dynamic sensor, such as an accelerometer or up to four standard 4-20 mA sensors. Wilcoxon's BlueLynx system eliminates the need for expensive cabling, conduit, and their associated installation costs, thereby enabling inaccessible monitoring sites and cost effective interconnect solutions to become a practical reality.

The BlueLynx wireless data link system is designed to be completely "plug and play" compatible with the current factory hard wire signal transmission backbone. Very simply - analog signal in, analog signal out. The units are simple to install and operate while still being able to perform within today's harsh industrial environments. Users can expect a transmission range of up to l00 m in a typical factory layout.

Bill Drake, Manager of Wilcoxon's Wireless Business Group said, "Wilcoxon's move to commercialize Bluetooth technology has for the first time brought the benefits of Bluetooth such as data security and robustness, bandwidth, range, and interoperability to an industrial application.

Common applications for using the BlueLynx BLT-1/BLR-1 wireless system are cranes, turntables, conveyors, rotating kilns, oil refineries, pulp and paper plants, mines, power generation and
distribution plants, water treatment and distribution plants, wastewater treatment anid collection facilities, HVAC and process control equipment.

For more than 40 years, Wilcoxon has been manufacturing a wide range of vibration sensors that are used worldwide in a variety of industrial, process control, military, and test & measurement applications. For more information on Wilcoxon, visit www.wilcoxon.com, call 800-WILCOXON, 301-330-8811, fax 301-330-8873, email sensors@wilcoxon.com or write to Wilcoxon Research Inc., 21 Firstfield Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 USA.

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