Wireless Application SDK is optimized for green applications.

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THe iDigi development kits provide hardware, hosted software, and services necessary to develop sustainable application. While iDigi X4 Starter Kit ZB focuses on helping users configure ZigBee network, iDigi Wi-9P Starter Kit ZB concentrates on developing wireless embedded applications on ARM9 processor. Also available, BL4S100 Add-on Kit ZB (for iDigi X4 Starter Kit ZB) includes all components necessary to add wireless embedded control to ZigBee network through iDigi platform.

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New iDigi Development Kits Speed Time to Market, Enable More Robust Wireless Applications

- iDigi development kits make it easy to develop green applications -

MINNETONKA, Minn. (March 30, 2009) - Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII) today released three new iDigi development kits based on Digi's new iDigi platform, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that makes it fast, easy and inexpensive to develop wireless applications. Optimized for green applications, the kits include all of the hardware, hosted software and services necessary to quickly and easily develop a sustainable application.

Kit users have access to iDigi's free sandbox development environment and hosted software via a Web Services interface. This simplifies application development and speeds time to market.

"We can connect to any device, in any language, anywhere," said Joel Young, CTO and senior vice president of research and development, Digi International. "Developers can now focus exclusively on their applications while we handle the intelligent plumbing. This frees engineers' time to enable more robust applications."

New kits include the iDigi(TM) X4 Starter Kit ZB, iDigi(TM) Wi-9P Starter Kit ZB and iDigi(TM) BL4S100 Add-on Kit ZB. The iDigi X4 Starter Kit ZB includes the hardware and software tools necessary to configure a ZigBee network through the iDigi platform. Kit contents include the ConnectPort(TM) X4 gateway which provides IP connectivity to a ZigBee network; an XBee® ZB module and XBee wall router to create a ZigBee network; and XBee ZB light and temperature sensors for environmental monitoring/green applications.

The iDigi Wi-9P Starter Kit ZB includes all of the tools necessary to easily develop wireless embedded applications on an ARM9 processor using the iDigi platform. Kit contents include a ConnectCore Wi-9P 9215 embedded module for secure 802.11b/g and Ethernet connectivity; an XBee ZB module and XBee wall router for ZigBee mesh networking; XBee ZB light and temperature sensors for green applications; and Python based software development for rapid prototyping and product design.

The BL4S100 Add-on Kit ZB is an add-on kit to the iDigi X4 Starter Kit ZB. It includes all of the components necessary to add wireless embedded control to a ZigBee network through the iDigi platform. The BL4S100 adds intelligent I/O to the iDigi platform that can be easily programmed to perform supervisory tasks and provide localized control of devices that are connected to a ZigBee network. Kit contents include a Rabbit BL4S100 single-board computer with Digi XBee ZB module, Dynamic C® CD-ROM with complete product documentation, demonstration board with push-button switches and LEDs, USB programming cable, Universal AC adapter and CAT 5/6 Ethernet crossover cable.

The iDigi X4 Starter Kit ZB, iDigi Wi-9P Starter Kit ZB and iDigi BL4S100 Add- on Kit ZB are available for $149 for engineers and $75 for students as part of Digi's Green Design Competition. Kits can be purchased and contest details found at www.digigreen.com. Pricing may vary by region. For more information about iDigi, visit www.idigi.com.

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