Wirecast Socializes American Football in Germany!

Berlin-based Fourgreen TV creates adrenalin-fueled live streams over Facebook Live, bringing all the game action, reaction and player interviews

Westwood, Massachusetts, November 26, 2019 –– “Without Wirecast, we can’t do our job. We took a long time in selecting our live streaming platform – we evaluated multiple options – but Wirecast’s flexible license model, its multi-user operating system and the inherent stability of the platform on both Mac and Windows made the decision straightforward,” so said Michael Reischer, Founder and Producer at Fourgreen TV in Berlin, Germany.

Reischer was commenting on the German streaming specialist’s decision to adopt Telestream Wirecast as its live streaming production platform. By focusing on live streaming and VR projects, Fourgreen TV differentiates itself from traditional TV and video production companies. With a combination of professional studio equipment and Telestream’s live video production and streaming platform, Michael Reischer’s team offer clients professional quality live streams across a diversity of social media networks at an affordable cost.

“Focusing on social media and Internet TV formats, we produce high-quality live streams and 3D Tours,” explained Reischer. “We help our clients establish their new media profile, adding value to their fanbase communications without breaking the bank.”

Amongst its clients, Fourgreen TV works in the local German leagues of American Football (GFL). Together with German sports writer, Chris Höb, Michael Reischer has founded SCOUTREPORT – The American Football Magazine! From production studios in Berlin, they produce live shows, record interviews with players and team coaches and live stream GFL games. Using Wirecast in combination with Facebook Live, Fourgreen TV brings the magazine to smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TV s across Germany and further afield.

“We provide live streaming services to sports teams that otherwise would not appear on broadcast TV, enabling their fans to stay in touch with their teams and players over social media,” explained Michael Reischer. “Wirecast is the bedrock of our live streaming workflow. It helps us create a really efficient workflow with easy to use settings. Wirecast is a professional production tool with some really great features such as multiple layers for editing, combined with drag and drop within those layers. Its stability and flexibility within a live production environment make it a powerful option and it’s competitive pricing opens up a large market of potential customers for this service.”

Wirecast is the industry's only cross-platform, all-in-one live streaming production software that enables capture, live production and encoding of live streams for broadcast to multiple servers and platforms simultaneously. With powerful production capabilities, streamlined workflows, and expanded content source options, Wirecast offers the capabilities of more expensive hardware solutions with the flexibility and affordability of a software application.

A key Wirecast feature is its strong integration with the Facebook Live API. System features include streaming to pages, profiles, groups and events. There is an option for branded and sponsored content and place tagging; and live viewer and engagement tallies to monitor viewing audiences.

Other Wirecast production features include:

  • Multi-camera live switching
  • Mixing live camera sources as well as video, images, computer desktops and more
  • Instant replay
  • Playlists
  • Built-in titles
  • Chroma key support
  • Virtual sets
  • Live scoreboards and more

Wirecast’s built-in encoding engine allows users to stream high-quality H.264 video and AAC audio over RTMP/S, RTP and Windows Media protocols for maximum flexibility. Users can stream directly to 30-built-in destinations including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Microsoft Azure, Akamai, DaCast, Wowza, as well as to record a version for later use.

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