Wire Markers feature wire range of 26-20 AWG to 204/0 AWG.

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Comprised of sleeve and label system, PM and TPM Wire Markers can be adjusted for better visibility after insertion and can be changed to provide different number. Units may also be moved back on wire if wire needs to be cut shorter, and can be inserted into holder and handled in groups to speed labeling. Markers are protected from environment to keep numbers clear.

Original Press Release:

ASI Introduces New Low-Cost Wire Markers

Carlisle, Pa- Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. is pleased to introduce low-cost wire markers. Most customers think of our Universal Marking System as only being used for terminal block labels. However, the ASI EZ Mark labeling system does a lot more than only print terminal block labels. The EZ Mark system is capable of printing wire markers, cable markers, name plates, component labels, pilot lights, switch plates and more. All of these items are very competitive and unique but, in particular, you may want to take a very close look at the ASI wire markers.

The PM and TPM wire marker is a sleeve and label system that is not only more versatile, it is also less expensive than most adhesive wire markers. With a wire range of 26-20 AWG to 204/0 AWG, there are a number of benefits to using the ASI wire markers over adhesive labels. Some of these benefits are that the ASI wire markers can be adjusted for better visibility after insertion and can be changed to provide a different number. In addition, the ASI wire marker can be moved back on the wire if the wire needs to be cut shorter and it can be inserted into the holder and then handled in groups for ease and speed in labeling the wires. Also, the ASI wire marker is protected from the environment to keep the numbers clear.

To learn more about ASI labeling systems, accessories and wire markers including pricing, specifications and availability, please call 1-877-650-5160 or visit their website at www.asi-ez.com.

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