Wire Feeder/Interface is equipped with 4 geared feed rolls.

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Rated at 500 A at 100% duty cycle with max speed of 750 ipm, HyperFeed II optimizes weld starts and can be interfaced with robots that use NX100, XRC, MRC, and ERC controllers. Features include indicators for power supply status and I/O status, low-inertia drive system, 0.9/1.2 mm feed rolls, motor control, and LED wire feed speed display. Unit has outputs for optional air blast and wire brake solenoid, and inputs for impact sensor trip, impact sensor override, and 3 channels of 0-14 Vdc input.

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New! Hyperfeed II Wire Feeder/Interface Optimizes Weld Starts and Ends, Produces More Parts per Hour

Dayton, Ohio - The HyperFeed II wire feeder/interface is designed to help manufacturers robotically weld more parts per hour by optimizing application uptime and throughput. The HyperFeed II system starts and ends welds faster and interfaces more efficiently with a variety of semi-automatic power sources. It can be interfaced with all Motoman robots that use NX100, XRC, MRC and ERC robot controllers, so manufacturers with new Motoman robots and welding equipment and legacy models can all benefit from this advanced technology.

The HyperFeed II wire feeder is equipped with four geared feed rolls and is rated at 500 Amps at 100% duty cycle with a maximum speed of 750 inches per minute. The feeder is equipped with a low-inertia drive system, smaller diameter drive rolls, and a high-performance motor control. Equipped with 0.025"/0.045" (0.9 mm/1.2mm) feed rolls as standard, many optional feed roll sizes are available. The unit has an LED wire feed speed display and outputs for an optional air blast and wire brake solenoid.

The HyperFeed II system includes indicators for power supply status and I/O status. It has inputs for inch reverse, inch forward, impact sensor trip, impact sensor override, arc establish (optional), and three channels of
0-14 Volt DC input (VWELD, AWELD, AUX).

For manufacturers looking for a new power source and wire feed system, Motoman offers the HyperFeed II system packaged with a variety of power sources, from simple and cost-effective CV SCR welders to highly efficient inverter power sources to provide fast, low-spatter arc starts, precise speed regulation while welding, and fast arc ends - resulting in minimal ball size at the end of the wire. This faster response wire feeding translates into higher weld system productivity.

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