Wire EDM suits large part machining.

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Measuring 100.4 x 128.7 x 101.0 in., ROBOFIL 640cc Wire EDM provides X, Y, Z axis travels of 31.5 x 21.7 x 19.7 in. With CC generator, machine achieves industrial cutting speed of 42 sq-in./hr in tool steel. Digital generator is zero voltage to protect parts against electrolytic effects. Providing max amplitude of 1,200 A, machine features Mechanical Quadrax® design for cutting angles up to 30°. ThermoCut system stretches wire and cuts it under effect of heat.

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Charmilles' ROBOFIL 640cc High-Speed Wire EDM Brings Quality to Large Part Machining

Lincolnshire, Illinois, July 6, 2006 - Measuring 100.4" x 128.7" x 101.0", Charmilles' ROBOFIL 640cc wire EDM is the newest and largest addition to the company's CC line of machines. The Robofil 640cc features the largest axis travels, X (U) 31.5" x Y (V) 21.7" x Z 19.7".

The ROBOFIL 640cc uses the CC generator to dramatically improve machining speed while preserving the surface integrity of the machined material. With the CC line of machines, Charmilles brought the technology of high-speed EDM to the wire EDM market. The Industrial Cutting Speed in tool steel can reach a high of 42 square inches an hour, once again raising the top speed barrier, which had also been set by Charmilles at 37 square inches an hour.

The CC generator is a digital generator based on high-tech components. From roughing to finishing, the CC generator is 'zero voltage' to protect parts against electrolytic effects. As a result, users of the 640cc achieve the fastest cutting speed on the market plus anti-electrolysis in rough and skim cutting.

The key to the 640cc's speed is Charmilles' new spark design. The maximum ignition voltage has been increased by 25%. The maximum amplitude has been tripled from 400 amp. to 1,200 amp.

The high quality of the surface finish is another advantage of the CC machines. Each machine achieves finer surface finishes with fewer skim cuts. The CC generator offers exceptional benefits for the medical industry, which uses a lot of titanium and titanium alloys that frequently are placed into the human body as artificial parts. The CC generator prevents oxidation on the titanium and maintains surface integrity free of brass and zinc materials originating during the cutting process from the wire electrode.

Also ideal for the aerospace and die and mold industries, the 640cc is designed to accommodate large, completely submerged workpieces, as well as parts requiring large tapers. An accurate taper is especially important for moldmakers. This machine is capable of cutting very high-precision angles, up to 30°, as a result of its Mechanical Quadrax® design, which enables unparalleled taper capabilities. The Charmilles Taper-Expert option is available with any of the CC machines.

In addition to the CC generator, all machines in the CC series features the Smart Wire Threading system and the intuitive Millennium Control. All CC machines can be upgraded with the unique "turn while burn" capability, which combines a servo controlled moving B-axis with a wire cutting in the X and Y axes to machine complex 3-D shapes.

The 640cc also comes equipped with ThermoCut and collision protection. ThermoCut is a unique high-speed and maintenance-free wire threading system that stretches the wire and cuts it under the effect of heat, regardless of wire diameter and material. The collision protection provides effective protection on all five axes of the machine during manual or unattended operation. It boosts performance and cuts down on maintenance costs in the event of programming or manual positioning errors.

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