Wire Draw Encoders provide high-resolution information.

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Available with HTL or TTL interfaces, PRF Incremental Wire Draw Encoders offer resolution up to 0.025 mm at lengths to 50 m. They provide position or distance information for linear measurement paths, even under adverse ambient conditions. Without requiring precise linear guidance, products consist of wire draw mechanism and encoder. Drum rotation is proportional to length being measured. Uses include presses, punching and injection machines as well as medical technology and more.

Original Press Release:

Incremental Wire Draw Encoders Provide High Resolution Position or Distance Information for Linear Measurement Paths

DAYTON, OH - SICK STEGMANN, INC. introduces PRF Incremental Wire Draw Encoders. These wire draw encoders provide resolution up to 0.025 mm at lengths up to 50 m, and are available with HTL or TTL interfaces. They are designed to provide high-resolution position or distance information for linear measurement paths, even under difficult ambient conditions. Precise linear guidance, as required for other length measurement systems, is not necessary.

Incremental wire draw encoders are well suited for use in a variety of industries and applications, including crane, drilling and excavator systems; presses, punching and injection machines; weir systems and locks; high-bay shelving and theatre stages; woodworking and stone processing machines; machinery construction; and medical technology, among others.

Wire draw encoders consist of wire draw mechanism and an encoder. The rotation of the drum is proportional to the length being measured. The drum rotation is converted to an incremental signal which is transmitted by a standard rotary encoder.

SICK STEGMANN, INC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SICK AG in Waldkirch, Germany. SICK|STEGMANN is a world leader in the design and manufacture of incremental, absolute and linear encoders, as well as motor feedback systems.

For more information contact: SICK STEGMANN, INC., 7496 Webster Street, Dayton, OH 45413; (800) 811-9110; (937) 454-1956; fax: (937) 454-1955; email: sales@stegmann.com; or visit www.stegmann.com.

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