Winding Machine features modular design.

Press Release Summary:

Model MS 102 provides programmable control in dual spindle design. Multiple configurations of banks of up to 12 winding stations allow winding multiple strips simultaneously. Each module incorporates 2 individual speed, tension and control dancer systems. Computer control manages all machine functions and winding patterns. Unit features package width up to 21 in., winding diameter up to 16 in., package weight up to 60 lb, and line speed to 500 fpm.

Original Press Release:

Model MS 102 PMC with Accu-Wind Control System

PROGRESSIVE MACHINE CO INC, 21 Van Natta Drive, Ringwood, NJ, 07456, specialists in reeling (spooling) or coiling, tubing and extruded profiles, with traverse winding and pay-off equipment.

MODEL MS 102 PMC with ACCU-WIND Control System

Progressive Machine Co. introduces our Model MS 102 to provide programmable control in a versatile, dual spindle modular design. The modular design allows for multiple configurations of
banks of up to 12 individual winding stations (spindles) to be used in winding multiple strips simultaneously. Each winder module incorporates two individual Speed, Tension, Control Dancer
Systems to maintain wind characteristics for each strip produced by a common feed process.

The machine incorporates the "Accu-Wind" computer control system to manage all the machine functions and winding patterns into a closely supervised and controlled system. Five infnitely
variable computerized winding patterns are included with the machine to optimize winding characteristics for a wide variety of products. The Accu-Wind control system improves several
aspects of winding including the creation of more level and tighter packages for profile or strip materials.

Machine Specifications include: Package width up to 21", winding diameter up to 16", package weight up to 60 pound and line speed up to 500 FPM with Tension Controlled between 3 and 24 ounces.

Options include: Printer function, counters with preset functions, Material Guides, Automatic line speed trim and material guides.

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