Widescreen 12.1 in. LED Open Frame Monitor supports HDMI input.

Press Release Summary:

Accommodating projects that require widescreen display, LWT-121O features LED backlit panel and is available with 5-wire resistive (LWT-121OR) or projective capacitive (LWT-121OC) touch options. Touch interface available will be USB only if touch option is requested. While VGA input is standard, this 12.1 in. wide LED open frame monitor is available with HDMI video input option. HDMI with audio is also available and can be accommodated via addition of 2 W speaker.

Original Press Release:

Caltron Introduces Smaller form Factor Wide Screen LED Open Frame Monitors

Applications are constantly evolving as time progresses and will require different types of displays to be available.  Caltron started to provide 4:3 aspect ratio open frame LCD monitors because that was the norm for all applications that were switching over to LCD displays.  While 4:3 aspect ratio monitors and displays are still the norm for almost every single industrial application out, the trend for digital signage and other non industrial machine applications seems to be accepting and open to 16:9 aspect ratio or wide screen display formats to have more diversity in displays.

Caltron has had wide screen format displays for a while, in larger sizes.  The first two models were the FWT-2206O and the FWT-2407O, which has been replaced by the LWT-2407O.  These two models are typically meant for applications that required a larger screen display.

Now Caltron has transitioned into developing smaller screen sizes and the first small form factor to be released is the LWT-121O, 12.1” Wide LED Open Frame Monitor.  A unique feature that this monitor has that no other Caltron monitor has is an HDMI video input as an option alongside the VGA standard.  Essentially, if a DVI input is required, then an adapter can be used to convert HDMI video into DVI.  With this open frame monitor, there will be no other video input options such as composite, S-video or BNC will be available.  An HDMI with audio can also be an option, if audio is required.  If that is the case, then a 2 watt speaker can be added to accommodate the HDMI with audio option.  This 12.1 inch wide monitor will come with an LED backlit panel and two touch options, a 5-wire resistive, LWT-121OR or projective capacitive, LWT-121OC touch.  If a touch option is requested, then the touch interface available will be USB only.

The LWT-121O is milled with consistency with a CNC machine to ensure that the unit maintains durability and robustness throughout the lifetime of the monitor.  The LWT-121O will never have a change in design even if there is an LCD panel revision to ease integrators and designer’s worries when designing this unit into an enclosure.  Since applications are integrating more widescreen displays, it is vital for Caltron to provide the necessary displays to meet the demands of the project applications.  The LWT-121O will have outstanding viewing angles so that the monitor can be implemented into any signage display application.

Since the LWT-121O is a wide open frame LED monitor, the chassis will be more unique and will have to be larger than Caltron’s typical 4:3 aspect ratio open frame monitors, so the units will not be interchangeable.  This 12.1 inch wide LED open frame monitor will be the first of many wide screen LED open frame monitors to come out.  Wide screen displays will start to become more prevalent in the display industry as more applications begin to adopt these types of display formats.

For complete details and specs on the LWT-121O, please visit www.caltronind.com.


Caltron introduces the LWT-121O, 12.1” wide LED open frame monitor to accommodate the needs of new projects that may require a widescreen display.

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