Wide Range of Anti-Vibration Mounts from Rino

A wide range of new anti-vibration mounts have been introduced into the precision engineering component's range from Rino Industries Ltd of Chesterfield.

The range briefly comprises of AW and AWS anti-vibration washers (to be launched December 2007) which reduce vibration transmitted to, or from, holding down bolts and equipment mounts which are all purpose vibration and shock isolators for the support of dynamic and rotating machinery.

The RTS mounts fall into the equipment mount category and are designed to be used as an elastic vibration isolator. They can be used on their own or two mounts can be stacked to increase the isolation efficiency. All mounts are supplied with a load spreading top plate. When installed the mount traps a pocket of air between the mount and the supporting surface. This gives a highly elastic support that is capable of achieving very low natural frequencies.

RP isolators provide facility to bolt onto supported equipment and if required, the support surface. They are made from sheradised steel with bright zinc plated threaded parts and stainless steel are available on request. Some sizes are also available with a steel reinforcing plate. Typical applications include: pump sets, generators, HVAC and other passive and active applications.

REM, RMF and RMA equipment and machine vibration isolation mounts have rebound control as standard. They are specifically designed for applications with include compressors, gensets, motors, pumps and other rotating machinery, electronic, hydraulic, scientific and other equipment. All metal parts are bright zinc plated mild steel and rubber parts are made from natural rubber. Sizes start with threads from M10x1.5 up to M16x2 as standard.

REF elastic fixing inserts are used for the protection of light to medium weight equipment against active or passive vibration and structure-borne noise. They are manufactured from CR Neoprene (70 Shore) which can operate in temperature ranges of -30°C to +80°C. It's main forms of use are as mounts, anchors, bushings or in "blind hole" arrangements. Typical applications include computers, electronic equipment and light to medium weight machinery, etc.

RU mounts are intended to protect sensitive machinery from shock and vibration. They are used in a variety of applications in the machine building and general engineering sectors. Due to their design, they allow relative loadings and movement in three directions, thereby reducing forces and tensions.

RO mounts provide for a large deflection under load compared to solid rubber mounts for applications with relatively low disturbing frequencies (down to 12.5Hz) or for shock protection for delicate instruments. By virtue of the design, the deflection for given loads is different in each of the primary axes. The mount is designed for use in compression, shear, torsion or any combination. It is not designed for tensile loading. All metal parts are bright zinc plated mild steel with stainless steel available on request.

Finally, STC mounts are vibration, shock and noise isolators which have been designed for the secure support of equipment installed in any direction. Especially suitable for rugged applications, these isolators are used for the cabins and engines of off-road and agricultural vehicles, motors, power packs and electrical equipment. Manufactured as a one-piece cylindrical Natural Rubber NR moulding for maximum resilience and isolation performance, the STC has a centrally bonded thick wall steel tube. Generally the top steel washer, lower rebound steel washer and equipment fixing screw are not supplied by Rino, except for special orders.

Installation is very simple. The STC is fitted to a supporting frame or chassis by inserting it into a hole having rounded edges and a smooth bore. The fixing screw is passed through the equipment foot and top washer, through the steel tube and then tightened onto the lower washer with a nut.

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