Wi-Fi Capability Added to CheckPoint Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

Tempsys, the provider of the Checkpoint Wireless temperature monitoring system and Fetch real-time location system, today announced that its temperature monitoring system now features Wi-Fi capable sensors supporting 802.11 b/g and WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption.

Hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies will now have several options for setting up their CheckPoint Wireless network, including:

- Sensors that use Wi-Fi radios to communicate directly to the facility's Wi-Fi network

- Sensors that communicate with a distributed antenna system, such as MobileAccess

- A system using a separate 900 MHz wireless repeater/access point network to connect through a hard-wired LAN

- A hybrid system utilizing both Wi-Fi and hard-wired LAN, useful to connect remote or satellite locations which may not have a Wi-Fi network.

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