Where There is Smoke... There are Fire Dampers

U.S. Fire Damages

In 2019, United States fires accounted for $14.8 billion in direct dollars loss, 16,000 injuries, and 3,704 deaths.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), “U.S. fire statistics”, reported 1,291,500 fires for that same year. Overall, the USFA estimated 354,000 incidents were residential building fires and 110,000 were nonresidential building fires.

 Lifesaving Applications

While Vulcan Spring cannot directly prevent the initial start of a fire, we create custom springs that support the life-sustaining functionality of industrial HVAC systems and fire dampers. In turn, the dampers our spring support provide ventilation and prevent the spread of both smoke and fire.

Beyond the Spring ™

Here at Vulcan, we see beyond the capabilities of our springs. We see the applications they are integral to.

We see fire dampers in a hospital, keeping nurses and their patients safe in a rapid unit. In these high-stress environments and positions, a fire should be the last thing that is on a healthcare worker’s mind.

We see a young university student cooking their first meal away from home on campus. They should be in a secure, fire-safe environment. They should be more concerned with academics than the consequences of burning their noodles.

We see an entrepreneur in a commercial office, not worrying about being on a nineteenth-floor skyscraper. Instead, they are thinking about the next groundbreaking idea.

We Are the Global Supplier of Spring Solutions for Fire Dampers

Whatever the building type, Vulcan recognizes that the final applications our springs fit into –are lifesaving.

Vulcan’s mission is to guarantee precision for the optimal function of your product.

We engineer reliable flat steel and round wire springs that are put through extensive testing, to ensure that the partnering dampers will provide high quality, performance, and safety for people and the buildings they occupy. Aligning with UL requirements, our springs optimize the function of static and dynamic fire dampers.

With over 50 years of serving the industry, fire damper and HVAC manufacturers know they can count on us. Vulcan Spring is USA-based and is ready to deliver consistent, quality products on-time with a superb experience.

By Laura Jean Null

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