What's Your Combustible Metal Dust I.Q.?

Safe Capture and Containment of Combustible Metal Dusts

Do you or your customers grind, cut, saw, buff, sand, polish, blast or machine metal?  All of these processes generate dust.  ANY dust under the right conditions is flammable and potentially explosive.  How knowledgeable are you about combustible metal dusts? 

Certain metals when in dust form are extremely flammable and explosive.  Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium and Zirconium are just a few of the combustible metals listed in NFPA 484, The Standard for Combustible Metals.  Did you know that mixing metals can create a highly combustible dust recipe?  Did you know metallic fires require Class D fire extinguishing agents?  Using the wrong fire extinguisher can make the fire worse.   Did you know the retention capacity for a dry dust collector for the collection of combustible metal dust is 5 lbs?  What about the use of vacuums for combustible metal dusts?  Do you know what to do with the sludge from your wet dust collector? Have you ever had your dust tested?

Whether you're a salesman selling wide belt sanders or blast cabinets, or a job shop making parts from different metals ask yourself; how much do you really know about the proper handing, housekeeping, dust collection and containment of combustible metal dust.

A T Industrial Products manufactures wet dust collectors, downdraft tables and environmental control booths for the safe capture and containment of combustible metal dusts.  We're here to help you solve your combustible dust challenges.

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