Wet/Dry Vacuum uses plastic poly filter bags.

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Measuring 24 x 18 x 24 in. with 13 gal canister volume, Model CS 1500 collects concrete dust, concrete slurry, and jot site debris. Heavy-duty plastic poly filter bag holds up to 10 gal and allows for safe disposal of waste. With surface area of 1,333 sq. in., filters capture 99.93% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger. To maintain max air flow and suction power, electromagnetic pulse cleaning system automatically shakes dust from dual-filter system.

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New CS1500 Wet/Dry Vacuum From CS Unitec ....


The compact CS 1500 wet/dry vacuum can be used for many construction or industrial cleaning applications. It is designed for collecting concrete dust, concrete slurry, job site debris and more. As the industry's first vacuum to use plastic poly filter bags, this machine is ideal for concrete and masonry dust and debris cleanup. The
heavy-duty plastic poly filter bag holds up to 10 gallons (more than 20x the amount of concrete dust collected by paper filter bags) and allows for simple, safe disposal of this waste. The CS 1500's patented air guide feature maintains equal vacuum pressure inside and outside the bag to make it possible to use the plastic poly filter bags.

The vacuum has a 13-gallon canister volume and a 25-ft. cord that enables the operator to move freely around the work area. The unit measures 24" x 18" x 24" and has a convenient handle. Depending on the job, the user decides between the many options the CS 1500 offers. For general debris clean-up with a vacuum wand, this versatile vacuum can be used with or without a paper filter bag. The CS 1500 features a water detection sensor with automatic switch-off when the maximum filling level in the tank is reached.

Additionally, the CS 1500 can be used with a porous slurry filter bag to capture the heavy concrete slurry from drilling or sawing wet concrete. The grit and concrete debris are collected while water passes easily through the special bag into the tank. This allows easy disposal of the captured slurry. The clean water can be reused or the tank can be emptied.

To maintain maximum air flow and suction power, the CS 1500's electromagnetic pulse filter cleaning system automatically shakes dust from the dual-filter system. Two parallel-mounted polyester filters are standard with the CS 1500. With a large surface area of 1,333 square inches, these filters capture 99.93% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger. The polyester filters can also be washed and reused. Optional HEPA filters capture 99.9977% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger.

Additional features include a built-in power take-off socket (up to 15 Amps) to automatically turn the vacuum on/off from the power tool switch. Also included is a no-memory, non-static 15-foot heavy-duty vacuum hose that always maintains its shape without kinks or knots. Optional accessories include a heavy-duty cleaning kit including wands, hose, crevice tool and a floor cleaning tool.

For complete data on the CS 1550, please contact CS Unitec, Inc. by calling (800) 700-5919, faxing (203) 853-9921 or emailing info@csunitec.com. You can also visit their Web site at www.csunitec.com.

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