Western States Kilo Scale Laboratory Filtering Centrifuge

o Easily removed basket requires no tools used a magnetic assist (Patent Pending) to hold basket in place for speed up to 5,000 rpm which is 2,130 gravities of force - simply lift out and carry to workbench.

o The removable basket also allows cleaning or sterilizing of the basket.

o cGMP Sanitary Centrifuge design is small enough for kilo scale laboratory separations. Solid holding volume is 927 cm3.

o Ideal for solid-liquid separation, washing and extraction of food ingredients, polysaccharides, crystals, botanicals, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.

o Repeatability is enhanced by electronic speed control and digital run timer.

The ease of use and flexibility of the lab centrifuge is enhanced by the tool-less basket removal. Simply lift the basket off the shaft, carry to your workbench and recover all of the retained solids

Basket Design:

o 6" inside diameter x 3.6" high x 1" cap (maximum cake depth)

o The basket is machined from solid 316 stainless steel which eliminates any cracks or crevices in that would trap product or microbes

o basket removal uses a magnetic coupling (Patent Pending) which eliminates the need for tools to remove basket

o solids holding capacity: 56.5 in3 (927 cm3)

o filtration surface area: 68 in2 (438 cm2)

o filtration medium: disposable paper of various grades

o highly perforated basket (2,520 holes) eliminates need for backing screen

o scribed marks at 0.5" and 1" on inside bottom of basket gives operator a visual indication of cake thickness

o basket speed: 0-5,000 rpm

o separation force: 2,130 gravities


o slurry feed with 1/2" ball valve and tri-clamp fittings

o wash/spray line with 1/2" ball valve and tri-clamp fittings

o 3" sight glass and 20 watt sanitary light

o all 316L stainless steel construction

o welds ground smooth, flush and pit free

o 32 RA (180 grit) polish inside and out

o full-draining 6° sloped bottom with 1" tri-clamp drain connection

o vapor-tight (no pressure) vessel with O-ring lid seal

o twin gas springs (stainless) on lid for easy opening

o interlock prevents lid from opening when basket is rotating


o NEMA-4X electrical enclosure in base frame:

o variable frequency drive - 0-5,000 rpm, 1/2 HP

o start/stop push buttons

o digital speed control with actual basket rpm display

o digital timer for run time

o power disconnect

o 110 volt, 1-phase power input (12 amps max.)


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