Wellness Programs address hand hygiene.

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PURELL® Program for Workplace Wellness helps stop spread of germs and illnesses and can bring immediate benefits once implemented. It includes PURELL instant hand sanitizer, which kills 99.99% of most common germs that make people sick, PURELL Pal Desk Caddy to make sure product is accessible, and educational materials, such as brochures, posters, and website. GOJO Hand Hygiene Program is available for manufacturing facilities to prevent occupational skin disease.

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Hand Hygiene an Important Addition to Wellness Program

GOJO Program Featuring PURELL® Can Offer Immediate Results

November 29, 2005 (AKRON, OH) - Most wellness programs address smoking, exercise, diet and stress reduction-all important lifestyle choices that impact long-term health. But if your program doesn't include hand hygiene, you may be missing an opportunity for more immediate results.

Illness can have a huge impact on your business results in terms of increased medical claims, increased absenteeism or presenteeism (i.e., coming to work sick) and decreased productivity.

GOJO offers two hand hygiene programs that address these issues. The first, The PURELL® Program for Workplace Wellness, helps stop the spread of germs and illness. The second, The GOJO Hand Hygiene Program for Manufacturing Facilities, prevents occupational skin disease.

Since most germs that can cause illness are spread by hands, the first of the two programs focuses on stopping the spread of germs in work environments - and can bring immediate benefits once it is implemented.

The PURELL Program for Workplace Wellness includes:

o PURELL, America's #1 brand of instant hand sanitizer. PURELL kills 99.99% of most common germs that may make you sick. It's the brand people know and trust.

o PURELL Pal, Desk Caddy. Put PURELL where it's most needed, on the desktop, where the germs are. And make sure it's accessible in other locations where employees come in contact with germs like work sites, meeting rooms, break rooms, cafeterias and workbenches.

o Educational materials to encourage use. Brochures. Posters. A website. Everything you need to educate employees on how to reduce the spread of germs in the workplace.

PURELL has already proven its ability to help reduce absenteeism in hospitals, schools and college dormitories. But a more recent case study conducted at FedEx Custom Critical[1] demonstrated a reduction of 21% in absenteeism due to illness when PURELL was provided on the desktop and in other common work areas. Imagine the results you could achieve in your facility.

For more information, contact GOJO at 1-800-321-9647 or visit www.gojo.com.

GOJO Industries, inventors of PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer, distributes it in away-from-home markets throughout the world. In addition, GOJO manufactures and distributes a full line of products under the GOJO® and PROVON® brand names. GOJO has a nearly 60-year history of leadership in improving well-being through hand hygiene and healthy skin. GOJO has products and programs to kill germs on hands and solve skin care-related problems in a variety of markets, including healthcare, foodservice, manufacturing, automotive, education, government and military. GOJO is a privately held corporation headquartered in Akron, Ohio, with offices in the United Kingdom, Japan and Brazil. For more information, visit www.GOJO.com or call 1-800-321-9647. P.O. Box 991, Akron, OH 44309-0991.

Purell is a trademark of Warner-Lambert Company LLC

[1] FedEx Outcome Study Executive Update: Interim Report, July 27, 2004 (unpublished), GOJO Industries, Inc., 90.3% confidence interval.

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