Well Site Control Management System aids decision making.

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Powered by PADManager™ software, PADPro gives oil and gas producers ongoing access to real-time decision-driving data through intuitive display. System's PROVue™ touchscreen display, built on Android OS, allows users to generate real-time reports from SQL databases. Operating with wired and wireless technology, system has built-in WiFi access point and allows controller to be accessed locally or remotely using smartphone, tablet, netbook, or other computer.

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Flow Data, Inc. Launches Game-Changing PADPro(TM) Well Site Control Management System

--First Easily Configurable System Delivers Real Time, Decision-Driving Data Using a Touch Screen Interface that Makes Navigation Simple and Intuitive--

--Learn about the PADPro System at Booth 842 at DUG Eagle Ford Conference and Attend a Product Demo at 10:30am on October 15 at Hart Energy's Booth--

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.,  -- Flow Data, Inc. today announced the launch of PADPro(TM), a customizable well site control management system that provides real time data to oil and gas producers through an easy-to-operate user interface.  Powered by PADManager(TM) software, PADPro gives users ongoing access to decision-driving data through a user-friendly, intuitive display.

The system's PROVue(TM) touch screen display, built on the Android operating system, is easily readable and allows users to generate real-time reports from SQL databases.  PADPro minimizes the need for IT resources at the wellhead, and its ease-of-use allows less experienced workers to access the power of the system.  PADPro works with both oil and natural gas wells with no programming required, as well as with single and multi-well applications.

"Our PADPro system offers wellhead managers unprecedented power and flexibility to manage operations at the pad," said Eddie Mechelay, Vice President of Business Development at Flow Data.  "PADPro is a unique well site control management system that allows users to configure the system to serve their individual needs, and it offers them the simplicity and usability of Android technology, enabling access to the system from on-site or remote locations.  We are proud to bring these groundbreaking capabilities to the market."

The system works with wired and wireless technology.  It has a built-in local WiFi access point and allows the controller to be accessed locally or remotely using a smartphone, tablet, netbook or other computer.  PADPro is designed for the unique conditions of the wellhead.  It is suitable for use in harsh environments, and its applications can be reconfigured dynamically, without rebooting.

PADManager's configurable modules provide functionality without the need for programming resources, and its custom modules and applications allow users to tailor the system to address unique wellhead challenges.  The WellMgr(TM) module, for both liquid and gas wells, includes multiple operating modes that use a SQL database to provide high-resolution local and remote trending of any data point that PADPro monitors.  The TankMgr(TM) module continuously calculates production data for inflow and outflow and works with all tank-level management devices.  Modules include built-in alarm, shutdown and email notification feature.

PADPro's open protocol allows users to use their existing hardware infrastructure, which makes switching easy and economical; in addition, the PADPro system is competitively priced.

Flow Data is launching PADPro at the 3(rd) annual DUG Eagle Ford Conference.  Flow Data is hosting a PADPro product demonstration at the conference on October 15, 2012 at 10:30am at the Hart Energy booth, and company representatives will be available to discuss PADPro during the conference at Booth 842.  The DUG Eagle Ford Conference is being held October 14-16, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas.  For more information, visit www.dugeagleford.com.

PADPro contains a 32-bit ARM7 CPU, 16 MB of flash memory, a lithium battery that can retain its contents for two years with no power, USB A and B ports, 10/100BaseT Ethernet port, and a two-year warranty.  It is cased in corrosion resistant zinc-plated steel.  For more information on Flow Data and PADPro, visit www.flow-data.com.

About Flow Data

Founded in 1997, Colorado-based Flow Data Inc. provides flexible and intelligent wellhead automation and software solutions to the oil and gas industry.  Our team of technicians, electricians, engineers, and programmers design, engineer, manufacture and service innovative solutions that generate greater efficiencies and productivity for our customers.  Flow Data applications include oil well automation, gas well control and measurement, multi-well pad automation, flow back monitoring and control, tank management, specialized drilling equipment and other services.  For more information, visit www.flow-data.com .

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