Welding Wires have lubricating surface treatment.

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SuperArc copper-coated wire and SuperGlide MIG bare wire feature MicroGuard Ultra(TM) lubricating surface treatment, which reduces spatter and creates stable arc. Treatment improves feeding by reducing friction and guards against worn contact tips and liners, plugged drive roll grooves, and kinked wire guides. It also eliminates wavy appearance that can occur as wire bumps or lurches through gun liner during welding process.

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Microguard(TM) Ultra Adds Arc Stability and Superior Feedability to Superarc® and Superglide® MIG Wire

· MicroGuard(TM) Ultra delivers more of what fabricators desire in a MIG wire - more efficiency, production and peace of mind · MicroGuard Ultra helps make Lincoln's premium SuperArc and SuperGlide MIG wire the ultimate in arc performance · Advanced lubricating system dramatically improves feeding by reducing friction · Its special chemistry reduces spatter and provides a more stable arc Cleveland, Ohio - If you're looking for superior feedability coupled with the top arc action, look no further than premium SuperArc and SuperGlide MIG wire from The Lincoln Electric Company. What makes Lincoln's premium wire stand out from the competition is MicroGuard Ultra(TM) - an advanced lubricating surface treatment infused with special arc enhancing chemistry which reduces spatter and creates a more stable arc. MicroGuard Ultra, found only on Lincoln's SuperArc copper-coated and SuperGlide bare wire, also reduces friction to dramatically improve feeding. Using SuperArc or SuperGlide with MicroGuard Ultra will help you increase productivity and lower operating costs. Why? Because it guards against poor feeding conditions: · Worn contact tips · Conduits with poor coefficient of friction · Worn liners · Plugged drive roll grooves · Conduits with sharp bends · Kinked wire guides Because poor feedability leads to gun chatter, operator discomfort, arc start failures and burnback problems, MicroGuard Ultra remedies many of the reasons for low productivity and poor weld quality. It also eliminates the wavy appearance that can occur as the wire bumps or lurches through the gun liner during the welding process. MicroGuard Ultra's special arc enhancing chemistry allows the use of a shorter arc length during welding, which means: · Better puddle follow · Less spatter - lower post-weld cleaning costs and tooling/fixturing maintenance · Higher travel speeds · Less chance of porosity And, Lincoln's carefully controlled, industry-leading wire manufacturing processes ensure that SuperArc and SuperGlide have exactly the right amount of MicroGuard Ultra. Lincoln's Six Sigma-driven Quality Manufacturing System relies on independent, often-repeated high tech quality control monitoring of electrode diameter, chemical composition, coating and lubrication levels to ensure SuperArc and SuperGlide are the most consistently manufactured arc welding consumables on the market. The Lincoln Electric Company, Cleveland, Ohio, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of arc welding equipment and consumables, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment. This product is available at a welding supply store near you. Or, call 1-888-355-3213 or visit www.lincolnelectric.com to obtain C4.10 to learn more about SuperArc/SuperGlide MIG wire with MicroGuard Ultra.

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