Welding Systems include guns, power supplies, and wire.

Press Release Summary:

Equipped with spool gun control, single-phase MigMaster® 203 is rated at 200 A. Modular AristoMig(TM) 500 delivers 500 A at 60% duty cycle, and Super Pulse(TM) welding system provides TIG-like weld appearance. Python Gun, available in air- or water-cooled models, is rated at 200 and 400 A, respectively. Company also offers 653E cvcc Weatherguard Power Source, Coreshield(TM) self-shielded flux core wires, and Dual Shield B9 all-positional P-91 cored wire.

Original Press Release:

New Welding and Filler Metal Products To Be Showcased At AWS

Florence, SC - ESAB Welding and Cutting Product's booth at AWS (#1335) will feature live welding demonstrations showcasing some hot new products and filler metals including:

ESAB's New MigMaster® 203 (200 amp) with Spool Gun Control

The newest MIG welding innovation from ESAB, the 200 amp MigMaster 203 is perfect for light industrial uses that require high quality welds. Equipped with the exclusive Power Smoothing Device(TM), this single-phase unit feels as smooth as 3-phase machines.

Offering excellent performance in straight CO2 and mixed gas, the MigMaster 203 is equipped with ESAB MXL Torches(TM) with enhanced gas cooling and ergonomic handles. Spool gun control, spot time and burn back are all built in standard.

The MigMaster 203 features a multi-step voltage switch and wire speed potentiometer. This fan-cooled unit with thermal overload protection comes as a console or ready-to-weld package.

At the show, the MigMaster 203 will be demonstrated using solid aluminum wire manufactured by AlcoTec.

AristoMig(TM) 500 with Super Pulse(TM) Welding System With Python Gun

Advanced technology and rugged durability combine in the AristoMig 500. Designed for the heavy-duty welding needs of major industries including shipbuilding, automotive, power generation, petrochemical and more this welding system has the strength to get the job done. Modular in nature, the system can be built to meet the needs of the user. FoFrom a cost standpoint, it is important to note that the system operates with 92% energy efficiency. 500-amp power at 60% duty cycle power source.

The AristoMig 500 system includes the AristoMig 500 power source, MA-6 Man/Machine Communications (MMC) module and a choice of wire feeders - either the AristoFeed 30-4 or the AristoFeed 48-4.

MA-6 MMC is the "brains" of the system. It allows you to select parameters for standard MIG, pulsed MIG and stick welding as well as air carbon arc gouging applications. In fact, this system can store up to ten welding schedules at a time and recall as needed. The TruArcVoltage control establishes the exact measurement of welding parameters independent of welding cable length.

The AristoFeed wire feeders are compact and heavy duty with optional varying handles, wheel kits, swivel posts, mini-boom configurations and remote controls.

The SuperPulse welding system will also be on dislay with the AristoMig is the SuperPulse. An extension of the pulse/pulse concept offering pulse/short arc, spray arc/pulse, and MIG brazing process combinations, the SuperPulse provides a TIG-like weld appearance. It eases positional welding, allows welding with low heat input, is less sensitive to joint gap variations, is adaptable to robotic and mechanized applications and creates the potential to use a larger wire diameter.

Also being shown with the AristoMig is the Pyton Gun. The ergonomicly designed gum offers a higher level of comfort than a pistol grip design and a convenient trigger location. The Python Gun is available in air cooled or water cooled models. It is rated up to 200 amps in the air cooled version and up to 400 amps in the water cooled version.

The AristoMig will be demonstrated using aluminum wire manufactured by AlcoTec.

ESAB 653E cvcc Weatherguard Power Source

The ESAB 653E cvcc Weatherguard Power Source is a multi-process, three-phase power source specially created for heavy-duty industrial DC welding applications, especially shipyards.Very versatile, it works for MIG, flux cored wire, submerged arc and stick electrode welding and air-carbon arc gouging.

The Weatherguard protects against damage caused by water, salt spray, metal dusts, corrosive mists and more. It is solidly constructed with an all stainless steel base, frame and fasteners . The side and top panels are made from a non-corrosive, non-flammable, high impact composite.

The Weatherguard is designed for use with ESAB's MobileMaster IV Wire Feeder, which is also made to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Coreshield(TM), self-shielded flux core wires, which are the product of choice for shipbuilders will be at the ESAB booth along with the Weatherguard and MobileMaster. Coreshield provides exceptional strength with high deposition rates, outstanding arc characteristics and a higher welder appeal than any wire in its class. Using Coreshield in conjunction with the 653E cvcc and MobileMaster makes a hardworking, reliable package to take on the elements.

Dual Shield B-9 Wire

For those currently welding P-91steel and seeking to automate your welding fabrication ESAB is pleased to announce a P-91 cored wire called Dual Shield B9. This all-positional wire is suitable for use on "orbital pipe welding systems". The bead profile in the 4 to 7 o'clock position provides a suitable alternative to SMAW or GTAW.

Usable with 75% Argon-25% CO2 shielding gas, the wire produces a minimum 100 ksi tensile strength, 15 ft lbs @ 1375°F after a 2 hr PWHT and an X-Factor of 15 maximum.

Dual Shield B9 is produced in the USA, layer level wound on wire spool baskets and placed in a vacuum-sealed bag to provide a level of hydrogen control. ESAB offers a full compliment of SMAW, GTAW and GMAW for 9% CrMoV products.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products is celebrating a "Century of Innovation" as one of the world's largest and most experienced manufacturers of welding and cutting equipment and welding filler metals. Ensuring customer satisfaction, a wide range of ESAB products carry the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee., Recognized as the technological leader in the industry, ESAB is committed to providing customized solutions for their customers. For more information on the company, visit www.esabna.com


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