Welding Generator has fuel tank that lasts all day.

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Stick, TIG, wire, and pipe-welding Ranger(TM) 305D has enclosed case, Chopper Technology(TM), and 12 gal fuel tank. Powered by 3-cylinder Kubota® D722 diesel engine, it delivers 9,500 continuous W of 120/240 Vac generator power. Multi-process 300 A dc diesel-engine drive welder offers arc-control adjustment, plus fuel pump with air-bleed system that eliminates manual air bleeding if tank is run dry.

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Lincoln's New Ranger(TM) 305D Diesel Engine Welder/Generator Provides Fuel Efficiency for the Job Site

Cleveland, OH -- The Ranger 305D is a powerful stick, TIG, wire and pipe welding engine driven power source that is ready for all day, everyday performance. Rugged and dependable, the Ranger is built with a totally enclosed case for maximum protection; Lincoln's Chopper Technology(TM) for an outstanding arc; and a 12-gallon fuel tank that will last through the entire day. The Ranger 305D is powered by a three cylinder Kubota® D722 diesel engine. With this addition to the line, Lincoln Electric now offers operators a choice - either the Ranger 305D for diesel operation or the Ranger 305G for gasoline use. These Rangers are designed especially for contractors, maintenance and repair, owner-operators, and welding professionals. The highlight of the new Ranger 305D unit is Lincoln's Chopper Technology(TM), which offers easy starts, a smooth arc, low spatter and excellent bead appearance. This 300 amp DC multi-process diesel engine drive welder is excellent for general purpose stick, downhill pipe mode for stick welding, TIG, cored-wire, MIG (CO2 and blended gas) and arc gouging with carbons up to 3/16" in diameter. All rated outputs are at 100 percent duty cycle and tested at 104 degrees F / 40 C. In addition, the Ranger 305D delivers 9,500 continuous (10,000 peak) watts of 120V/240V AC generator power. That's enough power to weld and run lights, tools, and a pump at the same time. Operators will appreciate the enhanced downhill pipe welding mode now delivering faster travel speeds, especially on fill passes. The Ranger 305D also offers arc control adjustment for selecting either a softer or more forceful, digging arc. In Touch-Start(TM) TIG mode, it provides voltage sensing arc cutoff when the torch is lifted at the end of the weld. To monitor welding operations, dual digital output meters allow operators to preset weld amps or voltage. The unit has a 12-gallon fuel capacity allowing users to run an extended day without refueling -- 20% longer than the nearest competitor. A fuel pump and automatic air-bleed system virtually eliminates manual air bleeding if tank is run dry. Operators can expect reliable start-ups using a Group 58 battery with 550 cold cranking amps. The Ranger's sleek appearance results from a well-designed fully enclosed case that provides equipment protection and lowers noise. Manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9002 requirements, the Ranger 305D carries Lincoln's three-year warranty (all engines carry a separate warranty by the manufacturer.) This product has the approval of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). The Lincoln Electric Company, Cleveland, Ohio, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of arc welding equipment and consumables, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment. This product is available at a welding supply store near you. Or, call 1-888-355-3213 or visit www.lincolnelectric.com to obtain Bulletin E6. 118 to learn more about the Ranger 305D.

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